Saturday, July 25, 2015

Caturday Art: A Sweet Treat

This is Creamsicle. I'm sure you'll find it as hard to believe as I do, but someone just took this sweet, loving, beautiful little girl and left her out on the street. She was starving! So I took her home to the food lady. And guess what? She said I could keep her! Isn't she marvelous!

She's not at all mean, like the Demon Cat from Hell. And she likes catnip too!

(This is the first pet that I've brought home that I've been allowed to keep! I'm so excited!  I've tried with rats and lizards and frogs before, even a blue jay but...)

Popsicle Parade

One thing though, and she's terribly embarrassed by this and I probably shouldn't say anything, but it's too horrifying to keep to myself. Before they left her out on the street to fend for herself, they took her claws away! That's right, she's a soft paw! What I want to know is how exactly did the people that did this to her think she was gonna catch food?


In any case, we all love her (except for the Demon Cat). She's also got a wonky left ear...looks like she was in a fight and it healed up wrong, but that just makes her more charming. I think she's adorable! She is of course feeling much better now that she's got food in her tummy on a regular basis!

Ice Cream Shoppe

Anyway, I think I did good by bringing her home. Don't you?

Hop on over to Athena Cat Goddess by clicking on the graphic below where you will find all the other stops on this caturday blog hop. And there's more pictures of the Creamy Mc Creamsicle on our facebook page HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and meeting our sweet new little friend!

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Caturday Art: Rolling Stoned Again

I've got to say, Costuming really outdid themselves this week. We traveled back to the sixties, to celebrate peace and quiet and freedom from BANGS! Happily, the human tradition of the Festival of Gunpowder is over, and cat kind can nap again, safe and secure.


The sixties had some really great tunes with deep meaningful lyrics. The Doors, Hendrix,, I could listen to this stuff all day. I have to work a sixties medley into the Van Meowlin' song list, it would be really fun to do on stage.

And I love the layout they did here. Check it out, I've got my very own Scooby Do Mystery Machine. And I'm wearing a roach clip. Ha-ha-ha, seriously!

(Note to costuming, hold on to this wig, I can wear it again for big haired 80's garage band days.)


And check this out, I made the cover of Rolling Stoned, the magazine of popular catnip culture. I was trying do an impression somewhere between Jim Morrison and John Lennon. Do you think I pulled it off?

I mean, what a great way to end a week, getting honored like this!

Rolling Stoned

Hope your week was filled with peace, love and understanding. Be sure to check out the rest of the art on this Caturday Art Hop by clicking on the graphic below, and I'll see you on the flip side!

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!


Wishing you a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Caturday Art: Putting on the Ritz

You know, it isn't all just jeans and t-shirt with me. I am quite cultured (not to mention handsome and talented) and make quite a figure when I'm out on the town.

And of course, being a legend in my own mind I get VIP access to all the clubs I choose the frequent.

And yes, all of the lady cats dig it.

Mancat About Town

It's not all clubbing either. I'm a connoisseur of all types of music, so yes, a night at the opera, or a bit of classic music is never out of place.

I can be quite the suave and sophisticated charmer. Even the massage therapist seemed to think I could give James Bond a run for his money when I turn on the charm. She can't resist me of course, I have her wrapped around my paw!

Night on the Town

Truly, how could anyone resist! Well read, well educated and well mannered. And I don't have a license to kill so there will NOT be enemy spies showing up in the middle of my nights out to ruin it!

Where would YOU like to go for a night on the town?

Vintage Fox

Thanks again to the lovely Athena Cat Goddess, a lovely and intelligent Tabby Lady Cat for hosting the Caturday Blog Hop. Click on the graphic below to go to her page where you'll find the link up will all the other participating pages.

Now I need to start gearing up for my explosive Four of July concert extravaganza!

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Caturday Art: Pharaoh's Day

I found out something strange about this place where I live. They don't celebrate Father's Day. Instead they have Pharaoh's Day. And they were doing this long before American Pharoah made his run for glory. (And what is with that horse anyway, that he can't spell his name right?)

Now, from a purely feline perspective, this makes sense. For the most part, Cat fathers are lousy dads. They just knock up some female and split, leaving her to deal with the kittens. I mean, talk about dead beat dads! I never even knew mine. But we do have a link to Egypt, our species having come from over in Egypt and all. And we were Gods there!

And Pharaoh's were Gods. So if I'm a Pharaoh, that makes me doubly God worthy. Or something like that. Sounds good to me. BTW, how do you like my royal barge?

Heart of the Nile

Now, the Demon Cat insists she is Queen of Denial. Fine. Great for her. She's the Queen of a stinky old river full of snakes and crocodiles and water monitors. Me? I've the got the Valley of the Kings, full of pyramids and sphinxes and treasure and other cool stuff. I think I've got the better deal.

I look particularly kingly and Pharaoh-ish in this picture, don't you think?

Valley of the Kings

Domestic cats are descended from the African Wildcat which looks very much like a regular old tabby cat. Tabby is the natural coat pattern for a cat, it helps us blend in with our surroundings. That's why there are so many tabbies in the world. So whatever breed out there wants to lay claim to being the sacred cat of Egypt, they're wrong. TABBY CATS were there first. We're the original sacred cats of Egypt. The King Cat. The God Cat.

The Pharaoh.

That being said, Happy Pharaoh's Day to all of you, my subjects!


Another lovely and sacred tabby cat is Athena Cat Goddess, who is so kindly hosting this Caturday Art bog hop. Click on the graphic to go to her page and find the link up!

Pharaoh Tristan the First commands it!

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Caturday Art: Grand Old Flag

This is a very patriotic time of year. At the end of May you have Memorial Day. At the beginning of July you have Independence Day. And stuck, right in the middle and largely ignored, is Flag Day.

Flag Day, June 14th commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened on that day in 1777. It's also the birthday of the United States Army, although no one ever really celebrates that either, although they should.

Flag Day is not an official federal holiday, although many states and organizations hold celebrations. I decided to honor flag day with some red, white and blue, being a very patriotic puss and all.

Grand Old Flag

Besides, I figured with all the trouble that has being plaguing me, being patriotic is very good for my image. I also want to take a moment to thank all the fan cats who sent letter supporting me and the boys through this difficult period. You truly make all the work we go through to make Van Meowlin' a success worth it!

Freedom's Ring

And no, while it's a sweet suggestion, I have no desire to run for purresident. If I did that I don't think I'd have time for my music and that wouldn't be fair to all the fan kittens out there. Nope, we'll just stick to supporting the US in the more traditional way by waving my flag!

Patriotic Pooch

Click on the blog hop graphic to head over to Athena Cat Goddess' page where she takes writing on the wall to a whole new level. The Egyptians got nothing on her, baby!

And don't miss the rest of the stops on the Caturday Art Blog Hop. Think of it as a Flag Day purraid! And who doesn't love a purraid?!

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Caturday Art: Happy Trails!

Well, after all the trouble with the press last week, I decided I needed to get out of the public eye for a bit and so I booked myself a vacation at the Happy Trails Dude Ranch.

I figured this would be just the sort of thing I need. Wide open spaces and a laid back atmosphere, and some the best Texas rock around.

Yes, sir, got me a good old horse, my cowboy boots and a guitar, and they even gave me this shiny badge. How was I to know it came with a catch?

Happy Trails

It seems there was some trouble brewin'. Some mysterious, evil, demon cat from hell and her mousie minions was robbin' stagecoaches, rustlin' cattle, and stealin' treats. I THOUGHT this had gotten cleared up a couple of weeks ago, but obviously not.

So I got my boys together and we formed a posse, and we headed out to try to round up the miscreants. We did catch a few rotten rodents and threw them into the hoosegow, but as for the demon cat, well...she's a hard case. It will take a better cat than me to bring her to justice!

Giddy Up

Still, it was a job well done and I think the boys in my posse deserved a treat, so we headed out to the Steam Valley Chicken know, the kind of place where, as ZZ Top would say..."anytime you've got the time, and the ten to get yourself in".

And I'm not gonna say any more on that because some kitten might be reading this and I already get accused of corrupting America's youth with my song lyrics. (Freedom of speech baby! Freedom of speech!)

Steam Valley

Thanks again to the love Athena Cat Goddess for hosting this Caturday art. Just click on the graphic below so you can head over to her page and the link up for this blog hop. You won't want to miss any of the other great pages on it, pardner!

Our artworks were done using PSPx5, and are all ©Digicats (& Dogs).

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Caturday Art - Metal Breakdown

So, my agent thought it would a really good idea if Van Meowlin' played a USO concert for the troops in Baghdad. It sounded like a great plan, and well, it was. Everyone was really happy to see us and the show was just great!

They even made me an honorary Sargent and let me drive a tank, how cool is that?


As you can see we played more of our heavier stuff, but that really got the crowd into it. It was great for everyone involved and everyone had a good time.

But...there's always a but, right?

Metallica - Rock It

I'm out after the show and the freakin' puparoni - did you even know they have freakin' puparoni in Baghdad? - got a questionable shot of me in the back ally with a little bit of nip. It was well under the legal limit! And I wasn't doing anything wrong.

But you know how the tabloids are. "Van Meowlin' frontman using again!" "Tristan in and out of rehab, will he ever get clean?" I mean, I haven't used seriously in a long, long time, just a little bit here and there. I'm doing the whole psychedelic thing anymore, I'm grown out of that.

I just wish the freakin' puparoni would mind their own business. Way to blow a good high.

Metallica - Where Ever I May Roam

Once again, thanks to our lovely Athena Cat Goddess for hosing this Caturday Blog Hop. Click on the graphic below to go to the link up and be sure to visit all the participating pets!

Our art was created in PSPx5 and the all of the graphics were done by the Massage Therapist.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Caturday Art: Memorial Day Steam

Well, Buster's Boots-N-Boogie threw a special Stars and Stripes tribute party at the Kool Kats Klub on FB last night in honor of Memorial Day. I had a GREAT time on the mechanical bull. But I wanted to show you our patriotic wear. I wasn't real keen on the hat at first - I know right? - but it didn't really get in the way. I think I look spectacular!

American Steam: Tristan

A little, well, not so stellar, in her basic black was my big sisfur Diamond. She insists on bossing me around at these events. Seriously, I know what I'm doing. I was NOT gonna light the fire cracker off on the dance floor I was just fooling around!

Besides, she may act like a little angel but believe me, she's a big troublemaker as you can see from her post on House Panthers. She always claims she's being set up, when she's not.

American Steam: Diamond

Fluffy Buddy sort of came with us. Well, we got him dressed up. He's a friend of ours. The massage therapist is the assistant moderator on his group, Fluffy's Buddies.

I thought it would be cool to have another dude to hang with, but he didn't want to try the bull. Oh well, his loss.

American Steam: Fluffy Buddy

All of today's artwork was done using the massage therapist's "American Steam" kit using PSPx5, and she said no, it was NOT easy getting a pair of goggles over Fluffy Buddy's big nose.

Don't forget to check out all the rest of the artwork on this Caturday Blog Hop, which is kindly hosted by Athena, Cat Goddess extraordinaire!

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Caturday Art: Welcome to the Jungle

No shades this week, no sir. I'm in the jungle, baby. Getting wet, mostly.

That's because spring is turning into summer and we're getting into our rainy season now, which means that it rains most days, although usually only in the late afternoon. And of course that also means hurricane season is right around the corner as well.

But these are things I do not think about in the jungle.


In the jungle I think about what a fierce predator I am. Did you know that in Egypt and Africa and now through most of the Western world, but lion is considered king of beasts, but in Asia it is the tiger who rules. Which actually makes sense because tigers are much more fierce.

See my tiger stripes? I have a history of jungle royalty in my background! That is why I am sitting so majestically!


But never fear. I am a benevolent ruler. Not like the Demon Cat from Hell who kills thing for the sake of killing them.

I would only kill to eat, but since I have a devoted human servant to feed me, I do not have to worry about that! And that is the best thing about being King of the Jungle! Getting all my needs looked after!

In the Jungle

And now I foresee a Queen of the Jungle in your life, that being the lovely Athena the Cat Goddess who so kindly hosts this blog hop. She has tiger stripes too!

As always, our artwork was created using PSPx5 and the graphics are ©Digicats (& Dogs) by the Massage Therapist (a.k.a. the devoted human servant).

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Caturday Art: Drive-In Caturday

Look I just want to say that I'm a little miffed that Trooper went with a DJ and didn't invite Van Meowlin' to play for his party. But you know...I won't ruin the Dude's purrthday party by complainin'.

I'll just some singing're own private little concert!

So you want to be a rock'n'roll star, Then listen now to what I say
Just get an electric guitar, And take some time and learn how to play
And when your hair's combed right and your pants fit tight, It's gonna be all right...

At the Hop

His name was always Buddy, And he'd shrug and ask to stay,
She'd sigh like Twig the Wonder Kid, And turn her face away,
She's uncertain if she likes him, But she knows she really loves him
It's a crash course for the ravers, It's a drive-in Saturday...

Fabulous Fifties

What do you mean the music's not right. Oldies is oldies!

Anyway. Time for a break and a shake!

Ice Cream Shoppe

I do have to say I dig the retro look totally. Maybe when I get in the Rock-N-Roll hall of fame we can do like a retro display. If nothing else, the shades are really bitchin'.


Anyway, here's our special purrthday graphic for Trooper! Dude does throw some pretty rockin' parties!

Trooper's Fabulous Fifties

Athena had her birthday this week too, she's the shining star of the Cat Blogosphere, so be sure to check out her page and all of the other cats who are part of this week's Caturday Art Blog Hop.

(Yes, yes, and espcially my pushy sisfur's post over on House Panthers Age has not mellowed her, it's just made her more cranky!)

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Caturday Art: Effurybody's gone surfin'

A beach party? I was all over that. AND I brought my surfboard. You know I'm a cool dude!

Beach Party

After a dip in the ocean and hanging eight, I took advantage of the warm sun for a bit of a nap. Man, I could live at the beach ALL of the time!

Summer at the Shore

Hey, check it out! I found a Tiki Bar! Lots of Coconut Milk drinks for me!

Sun, Sea and Beach

Well, as you can see, I got a spectacular tan and had a great time. Can't wait to do it again!

Just Beachy

As for the rest of you, don't wait to check out all of the great cat art on this Caturday Blog Hop sponsored by the Athena Cat Goddess, our birthday girl!

And of course, be sure to visit House Panthers to see how my sisfur Diamond fared. She HATES the water and wouldn't go near it!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Which Wednesday

When I said I wanted to try my luck as a private investigator, I was thinking more gumshoe than gaslight. You know, suave and sophisticated, sort of Peter Gunn style. Still, this is not a bad look for me!

World's First Catsulting Detective

Then again, I sort of rock the Horatio Caine look as well, even though I'm not a ginger! Which one do you like better?

The Shades of Justice