Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wacky Weed Wednesday

Zoom Stuffers

The massage therapist bought me a new toy. It's called Zoom Stuffers and it's from Fat Cat Inc. and of course, it involves Zoom Around the Room (TM) Hi-test organic catnip. It's also an interactive toy/game that you play with the human.

It works like this:

The toy looks like a bunny rabbit or a kitty cat or a mouse and it has pants on. (I don't wear pants, but the massage therapist does, so I know what they are.) It also comes with little tea bags full of Zoom Around the Room (TM) Hi-test organic catnip. You get two with each toy.

The human takes the tea bag, folds it over and stuffs it down the pants on the toy.

Zoom Stuffers

Now comes the fun part. The human then gives you the toy, and you need to fish the catnip teabag out from the toy's pants. Then you can rip it open and face plant yourself into the catnip. Or roll in it. Or zoom it round the room. Or eat it. Or whatever you like to do with catnip.

Zoom Stuffers

I think I am a champion at this game because it took me less than five minutes to get the catnip bag out of the toys pants and tear it open and spread it all over the floor.

The massage therapist did not seem really happy with this, for some reason.

Zoom Stuffers

I think she is just being a sour puss because she didn't win the game.