Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Word Saturday







(Translation: Open the bleepin' door so I can go outside already!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Friends Friday

Mr. Tristan

Oh look!

Mr. Lizard

It's my old friend, Mr. Lizard!

Wha'cha doing up there Mr. Lizard? And more importantly...

Mr. Lizard

How do I ge'cha down?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordy Wednesday Challenge

Dear Mz. Ann:

I am posting this on behalf of my Tabby Brofur and I am sorry our Wordy Wednesday Challenges get posted late today, but the the computer get visited by the blue screen of deadedness this morning. So Bean must post from work. Here is my tabby brofur's word:


I do not have anything to do with the blue screen of deadedness coming to visit, BTW. It happen after bean attach chippy thing to USB port. So tabby brofur probably break USB port while he surfing the net for Kitty Porn.

Because of this our T-13 tomorrow is going to be a repeat, because the new T-13s is on the Deadedness Computer.

Thank you for the wonderful artworks of me and my tabby brofur.

Purrs and head butts,

Miss Diamond Emerald-Eyes Precious Black Angelic Cat

who never does anything wrong.



Monday, March 23, 2009

Mancat Monday: Chores!

Sir Tristan helps with the laundry

A thoughtful and conscientious Mancat should always help with the household chores.

Sir Tristan helps with the laundry

Especially on laundry days. Pre-furing the just washed and dried clothing is an important task I take very seriously.

Sir Tristan helps with the laundry

It's a tough job, but you know...

Sir Tristan helps with the laundry

Some Mancat has to do it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lizard Hunting with Sir Tristan

"A lizard! A lizard! I have caught a lizard!" I meowl happily!

"Hey! Where did you go Mr. Lizard?"

Going on a Liard hunt

"Oh. You've run behind the bookcase."

Going on a Liard hunt

"I hate when that happens."

Going on a Liard hunt

"Now I shall have to go and catch another one. Darn it all!"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Foreclosure Friday

A story from the American Humane Society...

Khan Khan, an 8-year-old German shepherd mix, was a beloved pet. But sadly, he was also becoming a heavy financial burden. Khan’s caretaker, a single mother of two, had lost her home to foreclosure. She was forced to move in with a relative, who could not accommodate Khan.

In addition, Khan was suffering from a severe and extremely painful ear infection. Barely able to afford the basics for her children, Khan’s caretaker could not provide the costly surgery that Khan needed.

Tragically, many people facing foreclosures are abandoning their pets, leaving them to suffer in deserted homes and yards.

Khan’s caretaker, however, was intent on finding a more humane solution. With nowhere else to turn, she contacted her local shelter. It was her hope that Khan might receive medical treatment and be placed in a new, loving home.

But the friendly shepherd’s future was still uncertain. Most animal shelters operate on shoestring budgets, and in today’s tough economy they are struggling to help all of the pets that come through their doors.

The American Humane Society has a program called Foreclosure Pets Grants that are awarded to shelters seeking to help the animal victims of foreclosure.

Through American Humane’s Foreclosure Pets Grants, Khan received the surgery he so desperately needed. He was recently adopted by a kind couple that lavishes him with love and attention.

You can find out more about the Foreclosure Pets Grant HERE. There are also tips Foreclosure Pet Resources available for download.

I was fortunate enough to find a new home (even if I do have to take a pill). Not ever victim of foreclosure is.

(For those of you that asked, my bum is feeling much better and I don't have nasty, smelly, run to the litter box every five minutes poops anymore. To my mind, that means she does not have to try to keep poisoning me with a pill anymore, right?)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way out Wednesday

I am blogging for Tabby Brofur today because he outside.

He want to go out this morning, so bad, that he try to open door with his paws. Not work, cause it locked. So Bean let him out.

Then when she going to go day hunting he meowling outside the door so she say "Mein or Meout?" He reply, fury definately, "Meout!"

So she leave him out.

So now she gone day hunting and he shrieking at the door "Mein! Mein!"

Mancats! Can't live with 'em. Can't leave em by the side of the road when you through with them.

If they can put one Mancat one the moon, why not all of them?

Sorry, but I cannot open door with paws. Too short to reach knob.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mancat Monday

Taking it Like a Mancat
(a.k.a. A trip to the vet)
By Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail

"I have a red and sore bum", I meowl. "And this does not make me happy!"
"I have a red and sore bum and you are putting me in a cat carrier," I moewl. "And this does not make me happy!"
"I have a red and sore bum and you have put in an inescapable cat carrier," I meowl. "And this does not make me happy!"

Get me out of this freakin' box!

"You are putting me and the cat carrier and my red and sore bum in the car," I meowl. "And this is not making me any happier!"
"OMG! You are driving me in the cat carrier in the car with my red and sore bum and I HATE moving vehicles," I Meowl, and meowl, and meowl, and meowl, and MEROW, and RROOWWWW (and on and so forth for the next five miles.)
"The Car is smoking badly and is about to catch on fire with me in an inescapable cat carrier with a red and sore bum and I'm travel sick and this is NOT making me happy," I scream at the top of my voice!
"Oh, thank Bast! Oh, thank Bast! Get me out of this cat carrier," I meowl. "The car has stopped moving."

Get me out of this freakin' box!

(Oh no, you have put me with my red and sore bum in the inescapable cat carrier in a waiting room full of dogs. And I'm not going to moewl, no I'm not, because they will eat me!)
(Oh hai. That lady just called me handsome. Maybe this isn't all bad.)
"Oh no! Oh no! The cat carrier is in flight again!" I moewl. "Where are you taking me!"
(Oh no. I know this place and I'm not going to moewl. As it's the VET'S office and I don't want to call attention to myself.)
(Oh no. The lady vet has just walked into the room. Maybe if I scrunch up against the side of his cat carrier, she won't notice me and my red and sore bum.)

Get me out of this freakin' box!
How come everyone keeps asking if my name is "Budweiser"?

(Oh, great. Thank you. Grabbed by the scruff of the neck and dragged from the carrier against my will by the massage therapist.)
(Traitor! I thought you liked me!)
"The lady vet is feeling me up!" I meowl loudly in protest!
(Oh, thank Bast! Oh, thank Bast! I can go back to hiding in the cat carrier now.)
"You are putting me and the cat carrier and my red and sore bum in the car," I meowl. "And this is not making me any happier!"

Get me out of this freakin' box!

"OMG! You are driving me in the cat carrier in the car with my red and sore bum and I HATE moving vehicles," I Meowl, and meowl, and meowl, and meowl, and MEROW, and RROOWWWW (and on and so forth for the next five miles.)
"We are home, We are home!" I moewl happily, and promptly vanish for the next eight hours.

"You were mean to me," I purr to the massage therapist, "And took me someplace bad."
"But I forgive you, and am happy sitting on you with my red and leaky bum, as long as you give me a massage!"
"This makes me happy," I purr.

"What do you mean, I have to take a pill?"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Squillions at Work

These squillions are working...

Squillion at Work

Squillion at Work

Our internets are not. We hope to be back online shortly!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Witchy, Friday

Wanda Witch and her Certified Witch's Cat

"You know what you need to finish that picture?" I meowl at the Massage Therapist while looking over her shoulder.

"Lemme guess," she says. "A Certified Witch's Cat."

"Yup!" I meowl happily.

"And I bet you know just where I can find one."

I surely do!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tabby Tuesday - Squillions in Space

Squillions in Space

Captain's Log, Stardate 2436.12: We have been exploring the Milky Way Galaxy, which sadly, is not made of Milk. Nor in fact, is the moon made of green cheese, another popular misconception. Faced with the prospect of feeding hoards of hungry squillions ourselves, we opted instead to put into Sonics for lunch. Mission Accomplished!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mancat Monday: Live and In Concert

It's Okay...


I'm with the Band.

"An Award! An Award!" I meowl happily.

Kreativ Blogger Award

Eric & Flynn have given me the Kreativ Blogger award!

The rules say that I have to list six things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. Singing. I love to sing. I sing for any and all reasons. I sing to my food, to my water dish, even to the prey I bring home. If I'm in the house, I sing to go out, if I'm out of the house, I sing to come in. It was this vocal ability that lead to my choice of careers as a Rock Singer.
2. Football. I love all sports, but I'm very fond of football. I even have my own little cat sized football so that I can kick some around with the boys.
3. Catnip. Especially Zoom around the Room catnip. All doses are the best, but face planting yourself into a bag of Zoom around the Room Catnip just can't be beat!
4. Hiding under the sink. For some reason, the massage therapist doesn't like me to hide there, but the Demon Cat never bothers me while I hide there, so I can say it quite makes me happy.
5. Treats. Specifically Party Mix as I'm a Paw-ty sort of fellow! But any treats are good, although I'm not all that thrilled with the Pounce treats the Massage Therapist brought home.
6. T'Abby Normal. I love my special lady cat, yes I do. A comment from her always makes my day!

Now I must pass this award on to six other Kreativ type Cats and so I'd like to give it to:

1. T'Abby Normal. After all, her mom does some wonderful drawings that she shares with us. She's also a very Kreativ young lady cat herself!
2. MISHA. I do like his blog. And the contests he comes up with.
3. My buds at the Island Cats. Stop by to discover Where's Wally every Wednesday.
4. Victor Tabbycat and Nina the Torbie. Stop by and vote for their dad.
5. Mr. Hendrix, and of course, Bendrix. Maybe that's what I need, an evil alter ego. Oh wait...I have one. The Tabby of Terror.*
6. What Lo Knows a.k.a. Us Four Gatos. Now back from Blogger burnout with a new name and a new look and a new pug.

* Maybe I need to have a name my Evil Alter Ego contest.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Surprise

You ever hear that old saying, "You snooze, you loose?" While the Demon Cat was napping...

A pressie from Sir Tristan

"A pressie for you! A pressie for you!" I meowl happily at the door.

A pressie from Sir Tristan

Not that I was feeling guilty or anything because I had nothing to do with it, but I wanted to get the Massage Therapist something nice to make up for the plate being broken by Notme.

A pressie from Sir Tristan

This one was much bigger than the one I had on Sunday night. It was also substantially less lively.

A pressie from Sir Tristan

They're really not much fun once they stop running around anyway.

A pressie from Sir Tristan

But, you know, she shares her hunts with me every day, so it's only fair that I should chip in with something now and again.

And I am nothing if not a thoughtful and courteous Mancat!

I could tell she really liked the pressie, as she patted me and called me a good Mancat! Yup, I'm a good boy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Moar Mancat Mayhem!

From Notme, who was only trying to help dust, I'm sure!

Mayhem presented by Notme

Mayhem presented by Notme

Mayhem presented by Notme

Mayhem presented by Notme

Mayhem presented by Notme

Needless to say, she's a little hissed about the plate being broken. All I can say is it's a good thing that she rescued the candle from its precarious position before it fell on the plate and damaged it more!

That Notme is going to be in a lot of trouble!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Y do you guys hate me?

Oh man, that's harsh. We were just looking at the Links section of the Cat Blogosphere, and I STILL haven't got my blog listed. Nor is my gotcha day listed. I know we requested one. The Demon Cat wrote on my behalf asking it be added. She even showed me the e-mail.

But nope. Nothing.

However, Bella's got her blog listed, and Eric and Flynn got their new blog listed.

But Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail?

Why the heck should he need a link?


On top of that I STILL don't have a badge for the MCat's Club. And while they've got me linked on their site, they have me listed as "Tristian".

Just who is this Tristian, Mr. Tibber? That's that I want to know.


I have no idea why you guys hate me so much. I even host Weekend Cat Blogging for you but I guess that doesn't count for anything?

Fine. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me. I'd go eat some worms but I'm in the house and the massage therapist isn't here to open the door. Maybe when she comes home I'll go to that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tabby of Terror Tuesday

I had to look this word up to see what it meant.

klutz [kluhts] –noun Slang.

1. a clumsy, awkward person.
2. a stupid or foolish person; blockhead.

This is what the massage therapist called me after the bottle of bug spray fell off the top of the bookcase. Yes, I was on the top of the bookcase at the the time, but I had nothing to do with the bug spray falling off. It did it of its own accord, although I suspect gravity helped a little bit.

I mean, can you apply this word to me? I'm a graceful Mancat. Just because things happen to fall when I'm around should not in any way smudge my image of being a graceful Mancat.

She claims that I - I! - have knocked more things over in the first three months of my living there than the Demon Cat has in the first three years.

I'd like a recount, please, as I'm sure there is absolutely no documentation to validate this claim.

She's even threatened to hang this sign on the door to warn people that I'm about:

Falling Objects sign

I mean, seriously, how rude can you be?

It's like I get blamed for everything. I mean...maybe the Demon Cat made the bug spray fall off the bookshelf. I know, she was on the bed at the time, but she could have some special power of falling objects that I don't know about.

And all the books that were on the floor the other day...I mean...what makes you think I was trying to scale the bookshelf? Couldn't it have been the Demon Cat. I mean...she wasn't here. The Demon Cat COULD have come back in the house, scaled the bookshelf and then gone back outside without the massage therapist knowing about it. Perhaps she has a special power of walks through walls or know how to open the door by herself. How do I know.

And let's face it, if there is a klutz in this household, it's the massage therapist herself. She certainly doesn't need any sort of help - from either the Demon Cat or myself - to trip over her own two feet and take a tumble.

That being said, I feel that if we're going to hang signs in the house to warn people, it should be this one:

Falling Cow Zone



Monday, March 2, 2009

Mancat Monday - Prey!

Tris catches a rat

"Look what I have! Oh look what I have!" I meowl happily at the door. I have to say, the massage therapist was quite surprised that I could meowl so loudly with my mouth full.

She thought I had a lizard.

Tris catches a rat

And she was quite surprised to find I had something substantially larger than a lizard. Although, I guess by Demon Cat standards, this one was pretty small. It was also still pretty lively.

Tris catches a rat

"No, Mrs. Ratty, I am quite certain the Massage Therapist does not want you in the house. and let's be honest, I want you someplace entirely differently too."

Tris catches a rat

I think I shall have some Ratatouille for a late night snack!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging - #195

Weekend Cat Blogging

Do you "heart" Weekend Cat Blogging? I do.

It's far superior to being bitten by a rat, for example. And far less embarrassing too.

Judi's thinking that Mind over Matter can help her in the herding of cats. I think her crew has other plans.

Mommacat's away but that's okay because Freya's got DaBird to keep her company. And it looks like serious fun. I'm gonna have to get the Massage Therapist to get me one of those!

Frey and DaBird

Over at Sidewalk Shoes Patchouli is taking time to smell the

I don't think I've ever sniffed rosemary. I'll have to find some and try it.

It's Paw-Ty time over at Victor and Nina's house, as it's Victor's Purrthday!

Paw-ty! Paw-ty! Paw-ty! That's what we like to hear. W00T!!!!

Hey....wait a minute. That's my noisemaker. You give that back....

Over at the House of Chaos, Loup-Garou is 11 and showing his age. While only 1/3 of humans tend to develop arthritis, virtual all cats get it. Seriously.

Not that it's even slowed the Demon Cat down. Just ask the rats that live around here.


That's not the one that bit me. That one was dead long before I got nibbled.

Speaking of Purrthdays...I hear Harley has one coming up soon.

Sam Black and Mr. Tigger show us what they have to be thankful over at Life from a Cat's Perspective.

Some sad news over at the Mind of Mog as Little Klarissa has helped to the bridge after suffering kidney failure. Be sure to stop by and check out the lovely pictorial to a wonderful ol' gal.

Sweet Klarissa

Saturday was Squillion Day and Meowza adoped Meowza over at iMeowza. We have Squillions and they were supposed to do a report but...

Truthfully, I was hogging the blog, looking for sympathy for wounds.

For a change of pace, Mushka has blog-jacked Vampy Victors blog. She confirms, as we have long suspected, that she's no goodie two-shoes, but is in fact, the Mistress of Mayhem.

Oh that reminds me. The Massage therapist wishes to let you know that Pheonix, the March Collab Charity kit, is now available at Aussie Scraps. 15 digital designers have come together to create this mega-kit to help out the Victorian Bush Fire Victims. The price is only $5.00 and you get some totally awesome digi-scrap. Be sure to check it out.

Thanks for joining us again for our little trip around the Cat Blogosphere!

Need more cats? Mom Robin and Hotties are hosting the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos, while Rocky, at Artsy Catsy is going up and down and round and round as he hawks this week's Carnival of the Cats.