Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time wounds all heels

Still Handome

There's an old Nick Lowe song, where the lyrics go "Time wounds all heels".

That may be, but it doesn't wound chins.

I did not cut myself shaving!

Nope. You actually need something with teeth to do that.

I'm so glad I'm up to date on my vaccines.

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PeeEss: Is it just me, or is blogger being a real PIA today?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging - Victims? or Animals?

Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail

Oh Hai! I was just watching a video on Lucky, the puppy that was thrown from a car window in Arizona. Thanks to Anthem Pets, Lucky has made a complete recovery!

However, Lucky is just one victim of the current economic crisis. An editorial written on the says that "animal rescue groups across the Valley say they are seeing more and more cases of neglect and even abuse of animals, as people lose homes, jobs, and have trouble making ends meet."

I am a foreclosed cat - I was just dumped when the people that adopted me as a kitten just left. I'm not sure what they did with the dogs, but me - a cat - I was disposable.

"What goes through the mind of someone walking out of their foreclosed home and leaving a dog tied up in the backyard?" Irvin writes in his editorial. "What is a person thinking when they toss an animal out of the window of a moving car?"

Yeah, what were you thinking when you left me to fend for myself?

I was just property, I guess. Disposable property. They didn't see me as a living, thinking being. I was just a cat.

The massage therapist is different. She knows I'm intelligent and allows me to make my own choices. She takes care of me. And she would never dump me.

Irvin goes on to write "I believe the misfortunes of many of these people are largely of their own doing. They are the kind of people who likely took on mortgages they didn't read, lived in houses they couldn't afford, or lived beyond their means until the credit cards maxed out. When the dust settled and the bank showed up to take it all back, they simply bailed, blaming everyone else for the crisis of their own making.

"These people are not victims of the economic crisis. They are, in fact, one of the main causes of it. They do not deserve our sympathy nor our excuses. In fact, they are the real animals."

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Do you see this? Look closely...

Litter Box Tail

The Demon Cat suffers from litter box tail. This is because she sits in the litter box. Really. She sits on her bum in the litter box so she can dig. She likes to dig.

Litter Box Tail

What's really bad is that she doesn't see this for the social affliction that it is. In fact, she actually LEAVES THE HOUSE with litter attached to her bum!

But then, when you hold the whole neighborhood hostage, trembling in fear, I guess it doesn't really matter if you have litter attached to your tail or not.

Of course, being the immaculately groomed Mancat that I am, you'd never catch me with litter on my tail or dirt on my paws.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go hide in the cupboard before she gets wind of this post!

Monday, February 23, 2009

ManCat Monday - A Really BAD Dog!

Since I am a really GOOD ManCat, the Massage Therapist bought me a Really BAD Dog!

This little bad boy is stuffed with Zoom Around the Room(tm) Catnip. Even better, should my Zoom Around the Room(tm) catnip loose it's potency after I've had the toy for a while - and assuming I haven't chewed it to bits, it can be refilled with MORE Zoom Around the Room(tm) catnip.

I way put the bitey on this bad boy and when I was done, he was quite covered with my Mancat spit! The Really BAD Dog was downright soggy even, by the time I got done!

Here I am getting down with the BAD Dog. The Massage Therapist had gone hunting to a different super hunting ground than the one she usually goes to, and found a wider variety of treats, plus these really great Zoom Around the Room(tm) catnip filled toys.

Take THAT you Really BAD Dog!

As you can tell, I was quite the relaxed and happy Mancat after my therapy session with the Really BAD Dog!

Laughin' and Laughin'!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Feline Friday

Tristan & T'Abby

To my beautiful and fierce T'Abby Normal:

I love you dear Abby, know what I do,
Together or apart, what I have to say today,
Come straight from my heart!

Believe me when I say this, because what I say is true,
Day after day, Year after year, I'll only have laser eyes for you!

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!

Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stuck on the Roof

I'm stuck on the roof,
and I look like a clown,
I'm stuck on the roof,
and I can't get down.

I got up here,
When I climbed a tree,
and now I can't find,
A way to get free,

I'm stuck on the room,
And I'm wearing a frown,
I'm stuck on the roof,
and I can't get down.

(Diamond, go get your brofur off the roof please.)

Somebody help me find a way,
Down to the ground where I will stay.

(Diamond climbs the tree in the front yard and sneaks up behind her pitifully meowling tabby brofur.)

I'm stuck on the roof,
and I can't get dow......ouuuuwwwwwww.

Tristan lands on the ground with a resounding THUMP, then proceeds to lick sore posterity where Diamond had stunk her claws.)

Oh gee...hey thanks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wacky Weed Wednesday

Obama at the Harborside Convention Center

Well, as you know, or maybe you didn't, Purresident Obama flew in to Fort Myers yesterday for a special meeting with me about his stimulus package. He wanted to know what my thoughts were on helping get the American Economy back on track.

He came to the right cat, let me tell you! Because I had the purrfect suggestion for him.

I believe that every cat in America today should be given a FREE bag of Zoom Around the Room(tm) Catnip. "How will this help the economy?" you ask.

Easy, first, growing all that high grade organic catnip will provide lots of jobs down on the farm, not to mention all of the humans that will have to be employed to harvest the nip, and to see it ground into just the right texture. Then of course, some cats will have to be hired for quality control, as humans certainly can't test the stuff. So if the humans are out of work, at least they'll have a salary coming in from their feline nip tester.

(Note: I think I'd be an excellent nip tester and I should be the first cat hired for this position.)

And then finally, of course, you'd have to employ hundreds or thousands of humans to deliver the nip to all the cats all over America.

So there you have it. Economic stimulus - not to mention all the stimulus that all that catnip will provide to America's cats.

Yes, I'm sure glad the Purresident decided to come and meet with me about his economic recovery package. After our meeting, he gave a speech the humans at the Harborside convention center, then hopped aboard his jet and took off the next stop on his stimulus tour.

In the meantime, he assures me that he will be giving serious consideration to my suggestion to fix the American Economy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tabby TV Tuesday - Vishus Deer Alert!

Oh sure! It's Bambi now, but soon it will grow into a Vishus Deer and EAT that joocy kitteh!

Sorry I've not been posting, but the massage therapist was dealing with a cold and is now into something called Tax Season, which I do not understand. ::sigh:: Good help is so hard to find these days!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging #191

Weekend Cat Blogging

Well friends it's time for Weekend Cat Blogging as we broadcast direct to you from Little Raymond James Stadium South as the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers get set to take on the underdog Arizona Cardinals, right here, live and in person on the big err...regular sized screen TV.

We've got some Pittsburgh fans over at Life from A Cat's Perspective, where it looks like Mr. Tigger has already punted Samantha Black for a field goal!

Undeclared for the big event is the crew at Finding Sirius who are in search of the Soul Cat this weekend.

Bring it on!

Judi at Mind over Matter is also pulling for the Black and Gold, and in fact, it looks like Jules is all set for the kick off!

Not everyone is as hyped about the game though. It seems that Scrappycat over at Sidewalk Shoes doesn't even know who's playing!

Over at CatSynth, Luna is more relieved that the final round of construction at Cat Synth headquarters is almost completed and things are ALMOST back to normal.

If you need some munchies for the big game, be sure to pop by Rosa's Yummy Yums where they're dishing up some beautiful tabby photography (along with the 12 best recipes of 2008. was food, I had to look!)

More food, and Mr. Oliver is available at Cuisine Guylaine. Who knew we were going to have such great concessions going!

Over at Animal Attack, Monkey and Company are letting you vote on who should be the main focus of the blog.

More Food er...Weekend Cat Blogging over at the Food Blog. It seemed that Kashim wanted to get in on the baking, but burnt his paws while he was trying to help. Of course, we'll all send healing purrs his way so that he'll get better soon.

Burmese Cat

My buddy Victor is still MIA, but my Sis-fur, the Demon Cat, took a little trip down to Aus where she terrified the Tasmanian Devils. But she did stop in to visit Victor and a dozen other assorted cats down under, Which you can read all about on her T-13 Post.

Word is out too that a certain Aussie Cat is set to play in Super Bowl XLIII. Ol' Pablog - although dressed in Viking gear - is pulling for the Cards!

Out on the Island, Ernie and the Island Cats are Easy on Superbowl Sunday. Beer, chips, and Temptations -- OH YEAH!

Crikey is resting up for the big game today. Tristan and Crikey are both pulling for the Cards too. Hey...that guy stole my name!

Need more cats? Zed and Agent Nine are hosting Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos over at the home of the one and only Bad Kitty Cats. Meanwhile, Mind of Mog has got the big Ferris Wheel spinning as Meowza hosts this week's Carnival of the Cats!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! What super team are you cheering for on this Superbowl Sunday?! It's not too late to drop us a comment and get in on this week's Superbowl edition of Weekend Cat Blogging!

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