Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordy Wednesday Challenge

Dear Mz. Ann:

I am posting this on behalf of my Tabby Brofur and I am sorry our Wordy Wednesday Challenges get posted late today, but the the computer get visited by the blue screen of deadedness this morning. So Bean must post from work. Here is my tabby brofur's word:


I do not have anything to do with the blue screen of deadedness coming to visit, BTW. It happen after bean attach chippy thing to USB port. So tabby brofur probably break USB port while he surfing the net for Kitty Porn.

Because of this our T-13 tomorrow is going to be a repeat, because the new T-13s is on the Deadedness Computer.

Thank you for the wonderful artworks of me and my tabby brofur.

Purrs and head butts,

Miss Diamond Emerald-Eyes Precious Black Angelic Cat

who never does anything wrong.




Zoolatry said...

Somehow we are thinking "lover boy" goes right along with "kitty porn"... so perhaps (just maybe) the bluescreenofdeadness was
the fault of..... ?

Abby Normal and Stygia said...

He is my loverboy! Diamond, you better watch out or I will WHAP you in the nose!!

Very Sincerely,
Abby Normal

Tristan and Crikey said...

We love your picture! purr...purr...purr

DEBRA said...

Wonderful picture!


The Island Cats said...

Oh what a LoverBoy you are!!!

Eric and Flynn said...

He watches kitty porn???
You are a handsome lover boy Tristan.

PinkynAsh said...

Uh oh, was he at that Live Nude Cats site?

Cory said...

You are so very handsome!