Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way out Wednesday

I am blogging for Tabby Brofur today because he outside.

He want to go out this morning, so bad, that he try to open door with his paws. Not work, cause it locked. So Bean let him out.

Then when she going to go day hunting he meowling outside the door so she say "Mein or Meout?" He reply, fury definately, "Meout!"

So she leave him out.

So now she gone day hunting and he shrieking at the door "Mein! Mein!"

Mancats! Can't live with 'em. Can't leave em by the side of the road when you through with them.

If they can put one Mancat one the moon, why not all of them?

Sorry, but I cannot open door with paws. Too short to reach knob.


Abby Normal and Stygia said...

Oh, dear Tristan, be careful out there!

Missing you already,

us4 said...

wes not allowed out dar. peeeeze be so careful.

thanks again for our award.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Out? OUT?! What's him doin OUT? Da ceilin is WAY too high in OUT!

Him needs to hear or read lyrics to The In and Out song by Garrison Keillor. It too true!

Ah hey, wifout mancats, der'd be no kittens!

Margaret Cloud said...

I hope he is okay outside while your mum is gone.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Hope Tristan finds a neat place to hang out since he is stuck outside ;)
Hope he is doing OK too(you know,with his butt problems)
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Cory said...

Tristan, we heard you were sick! Hope you are ok!

Karen Jo said...

I hope that the lady servant got back from day hunting before Tristan drove you nuts, Diamond. I also hope that his bum is better.

VampyVictor said...

hahah I do like it how your momma speaks your language! ;)