Monday, March 2, 2009

Mancat Monday - Prey!

Tris catches a rat

"Look what I have! Oh look what I have!" I meowl happily at the door. I have to say, the massage therapist was quite surprised that I could meowl so loudly with my mouth full.

She thought I had a lizard.

Tris catches a rat

And she was quite surprised to find I had something substantially larger than a lizard. Although, I guess by Demon Cat standards, this one was pretty small. It was also still pretty lively.

Tris catches a rat

"No, Mrs. Ratty, I am quite certain the Massage Therapist does not want you in the house. and let's be honest, I want you someplace entirely differently too."

Tris catches a rat

I think I shall have some Ratatouille for a late night snack!


whatloknows said...

wowsers ! look at you and your stalkn. cat on the prowl!!! lil creature captured : )

that rat has a loong tail.

Parker said...

Nice job Tristan!

Tuck said...

You are a good mouser!

Tom Cat said...

Nice catch!

Eric and Flynn said...

Good work Tristan.

Kaz's Cats said...

Nice catch dude!


Gypsy & Tasha

Victor Tabbycat said...

OH WOW! A real LIVE RAT fur you to play wif??? Where can I get one?

Nina meows wif her mouf full alla time. She pulls toys to the beans an orders them to PLAY. NOW.

Bonnie would growl wif her mouf full of food, which was pretty funny. ONCE she tried to HISS wif her mouf full of food! I miss her sumtimes.

Can I play wif yur rat when yur done? Please?