Monday, March 9, 2009

Mancat Monday: Live and In Concert

It's Okay...


I'm with the Band.

"An Award! An Award!" I meowl happily.

Kreativ Blogger Award

Eric & Flynn have given me the Kreativ Blogger award!

The rules say that I have to list six things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. Singing. I love to sing. I sing for any and all reasons. I sing to my food, to my water dish, even to the prey I bring home. If I'm in the house, I sing to go out, if I'm out of the house, I sing to come in. It was this vocal ability that lead to my choice of careers as a Rock Singer.
2. Football. I love all sports, but I'm very fond of football. I even have my own little cat sized football so that I can kick some around with the boys.
3. Catnip. Especially Zoom around the Room catnip. All doses are the best, but face planting yourself into a bag of Zoom around the Room Catnip just can't be beat!
4. Hiding under the sink. For some reason, the massage therapist doesn't like me to hide there, but the Demon Cat never bothers me while I hide there, so I can say it quite makes me happy.
5. Treats. Specifically Party Mix as I'm a Paw-ty sort of fellow! But any treats are good, although I'm not all that thrilled with the Pounce treats the Massage Therapist brought home.
6. T'Abby Normal. I love my special lady cat, yes I do. A comment from her always makes my day!

Now I must pass this award on to six other Kreativ type Cats and so I'd like to give it to:

1. T'Abby Normal. After all, her mom does some wonderful drawings that she shares with us. She's also a very Kreativ young lady cat herself!
2. MISHA. I do like his blog. And the contests he comes up with.
3. My buds at the Island Cats. Stop by to discover Where's Wally every Wednesday.
4. Victor Tabbycat and Nina the Torbie. Stop by and vote for their dad.
5. Mr. Hendrix, and of course, Bendrix. Maybe that's what I need, an evil alter ego. Oh wait...I have one. The Tabby of Terror.*
6. What Lo Knows a.k.a. Us Four Gatos. Now back from Blogger burnout with a new name and a new look and a new pug.

* Maybe I need to have a name my Evil Alter Ego contest.


Parker said...

Concatulations on your award Tristan!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Concats an fank you, Tristan! BTW, "Notme" bisits our howse, too.

The Island Cats said...

Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it onto us! We really appreciate it!

pee ess...we wanna go to your concert!!!

Misha said...

Thanks for the award!

P.S. You're not just with the band - you ARE the band!

us four gatos said...

yay! and thank you for this award.
we would like to thank our...
oh shoot we had it written down somewhere.

we will tell maw and she will put in on our blog and do her part, we will make sue she does it soon.

tankn you!!!

Eric and Flynn said...

I like to sing too and it makes me happy. It makes me happier than it does mum. She says,'For goodness sake Flynn, put a sock in it'. Not sure what she means by that, maybe she wants me to sock it out louder.

VampyVictor said...

OH wow that is a totally hot rockstar face!
You wear it well Tris! :))

Abby & Stygia said...

Abby: Congratz and thank you, dearest! My secretary has been very lax this week so I am going to make her apologize for being so tardy. Mom?

Ms. C: I'm sorry for being late, Abby.

Abby: Much better. Now do you need an ear bath, Tris?

Abby Normal