Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lizard Hunting with Sir Tristan

"A lizard! A lizard! I have caught a lizard!" I meowl happily!

"Hey! Where did you go Mr. Lizard?"

Going on a Liard hunt

"Oh. You've run behind the bookcase."

Going on a Liard hunt

"I hate when that happens."

Going on a Liard hunt

"Now I shall have to go and catch another one. Darn it all!"


sharyn TG said...

Where is the lizard...

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Nice blog.

We here at the Kitty City Gazette will follow you and hope you catch it.

Elin! said...

I hate when the lizards run away too, it makes me stay up all over the night!

Eric and Flynn said...

That happens to us with the mousies sometimes. We hate it too after we have taken the trouble to catch them.

VampyVictor said...

Oh boy leezards are so much fun to chase and watch.. but I is secretly happy that it got away a cause it makes my momma leak if wez catch them :)

Judi said...

The fun is in the chase, isn't it?

The Island Cats said...

Tristan, you need to hook up with Daisy and Harley today...we hope you get that lizard!

Daisy said...

I been trying my hardest to teach Harley how to be a good lizard hunter. Maybe he can pick up some good tips from you!

Parker said...

Tristan there are always more where that came from!

Abby Normal and Stygia said...

Dearst Tristan,
Did you at least get the lizard's tail?

Bt the way those photos show off the glorious stripe down your back *swoon*

Abby Normal