Friday, March 20, 2009

Foreclosure Friday

A story from the American Humane Society...

Khan Khan, an 8-year-old German shepherd mix, was a beloved pet. But sadly, he was also becoming a heavy financial burden. Khan’s caretaker, a single mother of two, had lost her home to foreclosure. She was forced to move in with a relative, who could not accommodate Khan.

In addition, Khan was suffering from a severe and extremely painful ear infection. Barely able to afford the basics for her children, Khan’s caretaker could not provide the costly surgery that Khan needed.

Tragically, many people facing foreclosures are abandoning their pets, leaving them to suffer in deserted homes and yards.

Khan’s caretaker, however, was intent on finding a more humane solution. With nowhere else to turn, she contacted her local shelter. It was her hope that Khan might receive medical treatment and be placed in a new, loving home.

But the friendly shepherd’s future was still uncertain. Most animal shelters operate on shoestring budgets, and in today’s tough economy they are struggling to help all of the pets that come through their doors.

The American Humane Society has a program called Foreclosure Pets Grants that are awarded to shelters seeking to help the animal victims of foreclosure.

Through American Humane’s Foreclosure Pets Grants, Khan received the surgery he so desperately needed. He was recently adopted by a kind couple that lavishes him with love and attention.

You can find out more about the Foreclosure Pets Grant HERE. There are also tips Foreclosure Pet Resources available for download.

I was fortunate enough to find a new home (even if I do have to take a pill). Not ever victim of foreclosure is.

(For those of you that asked, my bum is feeling much better and I don't have nasty, smelly, run to the litter box every five minutes poops anymore. To my mind, that means she does not have to try to keep poisoning me with a pill anymore, right?)


The Island Cats said...

We think the foreclosure situation and how it is affecting animals is so sad! Glad the Humane Society has started a program to help!

Tristan, we're happy your bum is feeling better too!

Margaret Cloud said...

I am so grateful for the animal shelter foreclosure program for helping Khan and finding him a forever home.

Kaz's Cats said...

Thanks for posting this story. We're so glad that Khan got the help he needed. It saddens us to read about the forclosure situation and how so many people and animals are affected. Yay for Khan's former caretaker for finding a way to help him through her local shelter and Foreclosure Pets grants. Good on the Humane society for providing the program - that's such a great initiative.

Glad that you're feeling better Tristan, but we're sorry that you've still got to take the pills - beans have such strange ideas about giving us medicines.


Gypsy & Tasha

VampyVictor said...

Tris I am so happy that your pooies are not runny anymore.. It's hard enough covering the ones that stay still! :p hehe
seriously though...we are so happy that Khan and yourself had another chance in a loving home.
We understand these peoples circumstances sound so terrible, but we don;t understand... when momma and dadda adopted us they said we is family and as good as blood, that we is like their very own children.
How can people just give up on their children, do they not search for every possible solution to the problem they are facing.. Momma says she would live in a caravan if it got that bad to still keep us.A cause she said that she is my REAL momma now and families stick together!