Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging - Victims? or Animals?

Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail

Oh Hai! I was just watching a video on Lucky, the puppy that was thrown from a car window in Arizona. Thanks to Anthem Pets, Lucky has made a complete recovery!

However, Lucky is just one victim of the current economic crisis. An editorial written on the says that "animal rescue groups across the Valley say they are seeing more and more cases of neglect and even abuse of animals, as people lose homes, jobs, and have trouble making ends meet."

I am a foreclosed cat - I was just dumped when the people that adopted me as a kitten just left. I'm not sure what they did with the dogs, but me - a cat - I was disposable.

"What goes through the mind of someone walking out of their foreclosed home and leaving a dog tied up in the backyard?" Irvin writes in his editorial. "What is a person thinking when they toss an animal out of the window of a moving car?"

Yeah, what were you thinking when you left me to fend for myself?

I was just property, I guess. Disposable property. They didn't see me as a living, thinking being. I was just a cat.

The massage therapist is different. She knows I'm intelligent and allows me to make my own choices. She takes care of me. And she would never dump me.

Irvin goes on to write "I believe the misfortunes of many of these people are largely of their own doing. They are the kind of people who likely took on mortgages they didn't read, lived in houses they couldn't afford, or lived beyond their means until the credit cards maxed out. When the dust settled and the bank showed up to take it all back, they simply bailed, blaming everyone else for the crisis of their own making.

"These people are not victims of the economic crisis. They are, in fact, one of the main causes of it. They do not deserve our sympathy nor our excuses. In fact, they are the real animals."

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T'Abby Normal said...

There was a story in our local paper the other week about a dog that was abandoned at a vet's office... they arrived to find the dog tied outside in the morning.

Part of the problem here is that our local SPCA (where we both come from!) closed. At least people could take their animals there when they could no longer care for them.

I'm glad you have found such a wonderful home, Tristan. I wish every animal had great homes like we do!

Abby Normal

VampyVictor said...

WE agree with the ED. It is so easy for people to feel sorry for these people, but most things are through their own doing.. silly hooman just feel better when they root for the underdog even when the underdog is in the wrong...
My momma is like yours, she treats us as little beings with souls, she understand that we is our own people and only says no to the stuff that is a danger to us:))
You were a very lucky boy Tris to have found such a responsible and cool momma! :)

Judi said...

Thanks for hosting WCB and calling attention to this sad situation during our country's economic meltdown. Those of us who continue to be fortunate enough to have jobs and a place to live will do our best to help those less fortunate and to find homes for those in need. Judi