Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wacky Weed Wednesday

Obama at the Harborside Convention Center

Well, as you know, or maybe you didn't, Purresident Obama flew in to Fort Myers yesterday for a special meeting with me about his stimulus package. He wanted to know what my thoughts were on helping get the American Economy back on track.

He came to the right cat, let me tell you! Because I had the purrfect suggestion for him.

I believe that every cat in America today should be given a FREE bag of Zoom Around the Room(tm) Catnip. "How will this help the economy?" you ask.

Easy, first, growing all that high grade organic catnip will provide lots of jobs down on the farm, not to mention all of the humans that will have to be employed to harvest the nip, and to see it ground into just the right texture. Then of course, some cats will have to be hired for quality control, as humans certainly can't test the stuff. So if the humans are out of work, at least they'll have a salary coming in from their feline nip tester.

(Note: I think I'd be an excellent nip tester and I should be the first cat hired for this position.)

And then finally, of course, you'd have to employ hundreds or thousands of humans to deliver the nip to all the cats all over America.

So there you have it. Economic stimulus - not to mention all the stimulus that all that catnip will provide to America's cats.

Yes, I'm sure glad the Purresident decided to come and meet with me about his economic recovery package. After our meeting, he gave a speech the humans at the Harborside convention center, then hopped aboard his jet and took off the next stop on his stimulus tour.

In the meantime, he assures me that he will be giving serious consideration to my suggestion to fix the American Economy!


T'Abby Normal said...

Dear Tristan,
I think catnip is a great stimulant! Super idea.

By the way, I have an award/meme for you -- check out my blog today to read all about it!

Abby Normal

The Island Cats said...

Now that's an idea we can get behind!