Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time wounds all heels

Still Handome

There's an old Nick Lowe song, where the lyrics go "Time wounds all heels".

That may be, but it doesn't wound chins.

I did not cut myself shaving!

Nope. You actually need something with teeth to do that.

I'm so glad I'm up to date on my vaccines.

It's weekend cat blogging time again, so don't forget to leave your link, either on the Mr. Linky thing or in my comment box.


PeeEss: Is it just me, or is blogger being a real PIA today?


Daisy said...

OUCHIE! Poor Tristan! How did that happen? I hope it heals up quickly and is not too hurty.

Eric and Flynn said...

Poor Tristan. Who did that?

Freya's Staff said...

Aww, Tristan!! Poor baby!! *hugs*

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Tabby Brofur:

Please leave the ratting to me, as it obvious you not know what you're doing. Of course if you put your mouth by ratty's head when it not dead, it gonna bites you. Stick to sticks! And try not to poke your eyes out when you playing with them.


Pam said...

Poor kitty! I left my link for Weekend Cat Blogging.

thehouseofchaos said...

Oawch ! Loup-Garou commiserates with you, having fallen victim to the odd brawl injuries himself several times in the past. And we are talking about him this weekend too...

Kind regards,
Babeth from the House of Chaos

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

We left our Link for Weekend Cat Blogging in Mr. Linky! Thanks for hosting Tristan! Owie!! You got bit by a rat! Poor Tristan!! Hope it heals quickly!
Your FL furiends,

mog said...

Poor Tristan, hope the ouchie heals soon. My link
and Meowza's
Thanks for hosting despite being hurt.

Judi said...

Oops!It appears I linked too quickly. Sorry about Tristan. Hope he heals quickly.
We're at

sammawow said...

Tristan, thanks for hosting WCB this week. I hope that your chin heals up quickly - that looks like it hurt!

I left my link in Mr. Linky for WCB.

sammawow said...

Oh, here's the permalink:

VampyVictor said...

Oh man, that looks mega ouchies.. momma just wants to bathe your chinny chin chin in a warm salt water and to cuddle you better..
me?--- I says and thinks it is ok as long as the ladees does not think it is the herpes!.. eewww :P hehe