Monday, February 23, 2009

ManCat Monday - A Really BAD Dog!

Since I am a really GOOD ManCat, the Massage Therapist bought me a Really BAD Dog!

This little bad boy is stuffed with Zoom Around the Room(tm) Catnip. Even better, should my Zoom Around the Room(tm) catnip loose it's potency after I've had the toy for a while - and assuming I haven't chewed it to bits, it can be refilled with MORE Zoom Around the Room(tm) catnip.

I way put the bitey on this bad boy and when I was done, he was quite covered with my Mancat spit! The Really BAD Dog was downright soggy even, by the time I got done!

Here I am getting down with the BAD Dog. The Massage Therapist had gone hunting to a different super hunting ground than the one she usually goes to, and found a wider variety of treats, plus these really great Zoom Around the Room(tm) catnip filled toys.

Take THAT you Really BAD Dog!

As you can tell, I was quite the relaxed and happy Mancat after my therapy session with the Really BAD Dog!

Laughin' and Laughin'!


Parker said...

Now that's the way to have fun Tristan! You look like you had a very, very good time!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh yeah, that is one bad dog and he needed to be chewed on. you look very content now. I usually zoom around like you then settle into a nap. i'm glad your mommy found the cool new super place! you'll get lotsa fun new toys.

Daisy said...

A good bout with a super-catnippy toy is a good mood lifter, for sure!

Eric and Flynn said...

That bad dog looks good fun.We have told mum that when she goes to America, she has to bring us home lots of nip.

VampyVictor said...

hehe you just has the bestest smile Tris!
I like to put my stinky spitty ver my favourite toys too! That way I can findthem later :))