Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 10 New Years Resolutions

We get this newsletter for cats, and they listed the top 10 resolutions for 2009. It was kind of interesting:

Resolution #1: I promise to trim down a little.

The Demon Cat could use some trimming down. I've gained a little weight since I came to live here, but I was underweight at the time, so now up to where I should be. I don't need to lose any.

Resolution #2: I'll be friendlier to strangers.

I'm really very friendly. Don't need any work on that end either.

Resolution #3: I'll be cuddlier to family members.

I would be, but the demon cat gets mad if I spend too much time with the massage therapist. And she's not really happy with me after I knocked everything off her nightstand yesterday anyway.

Resolution #4: I'll be nicer to the birds and fish in household.

We don't have any of these, so no problem keeping this resolution!

Resolution #5: I won't be as finicky about my food.

Trust me, I'm not finicky about food. At all!

Resolution #6: I'll lay off the furniture and stick to my scratching post.

Now that I'm allowed out, I use one of the wooden posts outside. It's better than the furniture.

Resolution #7: I'll stop hiding stuff behind the couch.

I don't do this. Anything hidden behind the couch is there because the demon cat put it there.

Resolution #8: I'll let everyone else sleep later.

Don't look at me. I cat around all night, so I'm more than happy to sleep in.

Resolution #9: I'll stay off the counters, at least when company is around.

I only get on the counters if there is food around. My problem is going on the bookshelves and other places I'm not supposed to go and knocking things off. The massage therapist doesn't like it, but the Demon Cat doesn't like me being on the ground level, so I have to go up. I've got no choice in the matter if I want to preserve peace in the house.

Resolution #10: I'll be more tolerant of those homemade bandannas.

Uh no.

What do you think. Do any of these apply to you?


T'Abby Normal said...

Dearest Tris,
Are you sure that you are not being held captive somewhere and that the Demon Cat didn't force you to write those resolutions??

I'm worried!!

Abby Normal

VampyVictor said...

hahhah lots "should" apply!! :)
But they won't a cause Mushka and I are the bosses.. )


The Island Cats said...

Oh no! We are so purrfect we don't need resolutions! hehehehe!

Kimo and Sabi said...

Happy New Year 2009!