Saturday, January 3, 2009

Questions that Puzzle Cats

Why do humans try to hide my carrier when its time to go to the vets, we know what they are doing duh!-,and where we are going.

Why do these people keep talking to me? They know I can't answer them.

What is it with the showers and baths? Why can't they just lick themselves clean?

Why do people feel the need to change their fur every day (and sometimes more often than once a day)?

Come to that, why the removable fur? Can't they just grow a half- decent pelt?

Why do humans insist on using my nice big porcelain water bowl for their unspeakable bad habits?

For indoor cats: Why do people go in and out of the big screen TV (the outdoors), and why can't I?

For outdoor cats: Why are those cats imprisoned (indoors) and what do they do for fun in there?

Why do some cans contain cat food or tuna, and others contain green beans. (And can I try some of those green beans?)

How come when I try to show how much I love being stroked and hugged they don't like my butt in their face?

Why can't I have that tuna sandwich, you know it's my favorite!

When I come to the glass patio door, with a bird in my mouth, why can't he hear me or see me, to let me in the house, so that I can eat in safety and comfort?

"What is the deal with closed doors / cupboards?"

How come you don't like the dead mouse I bring to your feet?

"Why do humans sleep at night? This is the best time to be awake!

How come you can have babies and I can't?

Why can't I sit on the counter - you do?

Why do you keep putting my food in a dish because I then have to dump the dish to get it on the floor where I want it?

Do they truly not understand that this is my house?

And why did the Creator give them opposable thumbs, but not us?

Why do humans have to rub our tummies?

How about you? Got any questions that have been puzzling you lately?


Gandalf and Grayson said...

My carrier was just brought down from the attic this morning... Grayson is very nervous.

The Island Cats said...

Oh those are some furry good questions...

Niko and Cloud said...

Why do they get mad when we drink out of glasses?

Why do they get mad when we attack the Christmas tree?

Why are we not allowed to sit at the foot of their bed and pounce their feet repeatedly as they try to sleep?

Eric and Flynn said...

Eric:Why don't they appreciate it when I do them the honour of sitting on their faces when we all go to bed?
Flynn: Why does mum holler when I get in bed with her and make biscuits on her tummy?
Eric: Why don't they like it when I bite their noses. It's just my way of showing affection.
Flynn: Why don't they like my singing at 3am?

T'Abby Normal said...

My mom says that March 20th is "Answer Your Cat's Question Day." That gives them plenty of time to find answers to all of our very important questions.

Abby Normal

VampyVictor said...

Ohh I must be very spoiled a cause other than the furr questions, they are things I don't see or need to ask acuse they don't happen to me.. even the carrier is left out over night so we can play in it and feel comfortable and get used to the idea of what is going to happen tomorrow.. And yes My Mommas and Dadda do understand this is my house hahah :)


Dianna said...

Questions that puzzle humans:

Why is it okay for you to walk outside on the ground, but putting your paws on the floor in the house is completely distasteful?