Monday, January 26, 2009

Mancat Monday

Sweet little Tabby Cat

A Mancat realizes that there are times when an angelic expression may be the only thing that saves him after he has sown chaos through out the household.

Although...well...I think what saved me this time is that the massage therapist was more concerned that I'd injured myself than anything else. See...I'd come in the house looking for food but the Demon Cat was guarding the station of free-flowing crunch goodness. So I thought maybe if I climbed on top of the white curio cabinet that could go the overland route to get at the food.

How as I to know what the cabinet was not anchored securely to the shelf it was sitting on and would fall down on my head?

And yes, I've very sorry I broke your glass manatee thingy but honestly...I didn't mean to.

It was all the demon cat's fault. I'm really a very good kitty-cat except when she gets me into trouble!

On another note, while I do not yet have a M-Cats Club badge, I do, mon Cheri, have a blinkie! Which is like a hundred times more cooler!

And I didn't have to fill out the numerous forms and send endless pictures like I've had to do with the MCats Club. One request and $2.50 was all it took!

The lovely and talented Brandi at Grunge & Glitter Scraps made it just for me.

To snag my blinkie for your blog, just copy the code below and paste it into your sidebar!

<center><a href="" target="newwin"><img src="" width="150" height="50" alt="Tabbylicious blinkie"></a></center>

Just another Mancat Monday...

If you are participating, leave your link below or drop me a comment.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Holy crap! that sounds like you had a James Bond type adventure on the way to your food. Hey, do you think your mommy will feel bad enough she'll give you your own free flowing crunchies dish?

Happy Mancat Monday!

Margaret Cloud said...

It is all in a days work to get in trouble, I know we have two ferrets and one always gets in trouble, when they are out for playtime, so hang in there, the demon cat will eventually get into trouble.

DEBRA said...

Well what a little trouble, we're always worth it, right?


The Island Cats said...

So did that angelic face save you?? We think it should!

T'Abby Normal said...

Awesome! TABBY POWA!

Abby Normal