Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging

Mancat stuff

Well cats and kittens (and humans too) it's a Superbowl Weekend here at Tabbylicious. Thanks also for joining us for Weekend Cat Blogging.

Sadly, Van Meowlin' was not booked to play the halftime show at the big game - and all I can say is they don't know what they're missing - so me and the band is gonna be chillaxin' here at the ol' Hacienda, where we'll be holding our own Big Game BarBQue complete with Real Live Dead Shrimp on the Barbie. Yup, we do know how to do things up right.

While I can't say I'm a big fan of either team that will be playing at Raymond James Stadium, I do have to choose the Cards because frankly, we've been informed by the massage therapist that no one in this household is allowed to be a Steelers fan. So I guess we'll be cheering for a bunch of birds.

Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you're doing for the big game, and leave your link so I can include you in weekend cat blogging. I've got the unreliable Mr. Linky thing set up as well, so you can leave your link that way if you prefer.

Also don't forget to head over to The World According to Misha and cast your vote for Cat Purresident of the United States. Voting ends this weekend at 5 PM Saturday, New Zealand Time. I can't get the flakin' world time converter to work, so I don't know what that is around here.

I'm lookin' forward to hearing from and well...Go Cards!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mr Stinkypaws Part 2

"Oh Man," says the Massage Therapist, "That's nasty."

Hey, a Mancat has to do, what a Mancat has to do.

"You didn't even cover," she complains.

Yeah, well, if I'd covered, how would you have known I'd done my dew-ty?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mancat Monday

Sweet little Tabby Cat

A Mancat realizes that there are times when an angelic expression may be the only thing that saves him after he has sown chaos through out the household.

Although...well...I think what saved me this time is that the massage therapist was more concerned that I'd injured myself than anything else. See...I'd come in the house looking for food but the Demon Cat was guarding the station of free-flowing crunch goodness. So I thought maybe if I climbed on top of the white curio cabinet that could go the overland route to get at the food.

How as I to know what the cabinet was not anchored securely to the shelf it was sitting on and would fall down on my head?

And yes, I've very sorry I broke your glass manatee thingy but honestly...I didn't mean to.

It was all the demon cat's fault. I'm really a very good kitty-cat except when she gets me into trouble!

On another note, while I do not yet have a M-Cats Club badge, I do, mon Cheri, have a blinkie! Which is like a hundred times more cooler!

And I didn't have to fill out the numerous forms and send endless pictures like I've had to do with the MCats Club. One request and $2.50 was all it took!

The lovely and talented Brandi at Grunge & Glitter Scraps made it just for me.

To snag my blinkie for your blog, just copy the code below and paste it into your sidebar!

<center><a href="" target="newwin"><img src="" width="150" height="50" alt="Tabbylicious blinkie"></a></center>

Just another Mancat Monday...

If you are participating, leave your link below or drop me a comment.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sleeping with the enemy

Well, the Paparazzi has been at it again and this time, my reputation will be quite damaged. This picture, which is set to post in this week's Nation Enquirer is real and un-retouched:

Sleeping with the enemy

I am indeed sleeping on the bed, not a cat length from the Demon Cat. In fact we're nearly close enough that I could touch her if I just put my paw out.

Sleeping with the enemy

And yes, I know she doesn't look very demonic in this picture but believe me, it was a fluke! We did have a boxing match in the hallway this weekend and she did whap at me during treat time - she always does.

As a result, I was out all of last night - and even got into a cat fight! But but none of my fans are going to believe all the suffering I've gone through when these photos come to light. I'm ruined - totally and completely ruined!

Paparazzi has been a theme all this week over at Tabbylicious. The bothered my beauty rest on Mancat Monday. Tuesday was Tabby TV time and I showed you some great work out routines as we got physical.

The paparazzi were all busy at the inauguration on Tuesday, so I did get some peace and quiet. But poor Mz. Franklin. Believe me, I can sympathize with those embarrassing photos.

And of course on Thursday, the whole freaking Mancat Discovery Channel was in here. So what's a fellow to do, but hide under the bed for the next two days!

The word paparazzi is an eponym originating in the 1960 film La dolce vita directed by Federico Fellini. One of the characters in the film is a news photographer named Paparazzo (played by Walter Santesso). In his book Word and Phrase Origins, Robert Hendrickson writes that Fellini took the name from an Italian dialect that describes a particularly annoying noise, that of a buzzing mosquito. In his school days, Fellini remembered a boy who was nicknamed "Paparazzo" (Mosquito), because of his fast talking and constant blurs, a name Fellini later applied to the fictional character in La dolce vita.

Anyway, now I have to do something about damage control. Wouldn't want anyone to think this sort of thing happens every day around here!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoroughly Disgusted Thursday

Welcome, to the Mancat Discover Channel. Today, we track the elusive Tiger-striped Mancat to his den.

Camouflage is very important to the Tiger-striped Mancat as you shall see.

Can you discover the Mancat in this photo:

Sir Tristan

How about in this picture?

Sir Tristan

Perhaps if we move to a different angle, the white markings will give the elusive Tiger-striped Mancat away:

Sir Tristan we move in quietly for a close up...

Sir Tristan

Get away from me you freaking paparazzi!!!!

And don't even ask me for a pawtograph because I'm not gonna sign one!!!

::Sheesh:: Can't a fellow get any peace and quiet around here?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wondering Wednesday

Dear Mz. Franklin, I just want to say that a fellow musician, I have the nothing but the up most respect for you. I adore your music. Seriously, no one can belt out a song the way you do.

But with all due respect Mz. Franklin, I just gotta ask....

Aretha Franklin

What is that...THING...on your head?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's get physical!

Staying in shape is important for any cat, but as a rock star I definately have to take care of myself. Happily, I get to go outside so I can get a great workout on the HUGE cat gym in the back yard. However, some cats are not so lucky.

If you are stuck inside, you can always resort to the good ol' treadmill to get a work out:

If you can't afford the super delux model, well, there's always the do it yourself version:

If all that walking and running isn't for you, perhaps you should consider aerobic dancing. This is a great work out for all the lady cats!

And don't forget that a good rest is important too:

Wow! All that activity wore me out! I think I need to take a nap now! Later!

Tabby Tuesday

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mancat Monday

Look Maw, no Eyes!

Real Mancats don't mind pink. We do mind the flash from the flashy box, however. Don't you just hate paparazzi?


Take that paparazzi!

(Seriously, a good scratch is the best way to remove parasites!)

What a lazy Mancat I have been too! After spending most of Saturday night out on the town, I spent all day Sunday and Sunday night curled up on this nice warm bed. And can you blame me? What better way to weather the winter cold?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Midnight Monday


My Bean say something about her Mo and her Jo being on vacation, and so we are going to take about a week off from posting unless some news show up, need my immediate attention. We MIGHT do this week T-13 (on my blog, not here) with some our favorites from the past, she not know yet.

We will return next week for MLK Day and with an all new T-13 on Thursday, January 22nd.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Easy like Sunday...

Mah Nu Bed...

Tristan on the Sofa

it iz comfy....

Last weekend we had the Night of the Wild Hogs again, but this weekend is the Cape Coral Art Festival, which is even worse. You still have those same crazy hogs howling through the streets, but the place is also packed with snowbirds. It's insane.

And it's not about buying art mind you. The whole idea behind the Cape Coral Art Festival for the fashionable - dogs and humans - to see and be seen. we felines of course do not feel such a need. Of course, the Demon Cat thinks if the massage therapist is going then she should go as well, she has this strange notion about equality between dogs and cats and that cats should be allowed to go anyplace dogs can go.

It's a moot point though as the massage therapist is being unfashionable and staying home. Hah!

So what's been fashionable around Tabbylicious, you might wonder. And well you might.

On Mancat Monday I showed you my new sleeping spot on top of the bookcase. That was fashionable until this weekend, now I'm sleeping on the sofa. I don't that I won the battle of the bookcase, it just seems to have lost it's appeal.

Tuesday we took a look at one of my favorite Superbowl commercials on Tabby TV. The Superbowl is Sunday, February 1st, right around the corner from here in Tampa. Checking the ticket prices on line, and you can get corner endzone seats, upper level, row Y & Z for around $1,800. Oxygen not included. I think I'll just stay home on the sofa and watch it on the tube. That way I can see close ups of the cheerleaders.

Wednesday and Thursday I was kind of in a rut, as all I did was party all night and sleep all day. It's a tough life, but somebody needs to live it.

Friday we had a look at the most fashionable, and unusual, names for our fellow felines in What's in a name? Yeah, I can agree with my lovely Miss Abby - her name should have made the Top 10. Look at how many Abbies we've got on the Cat Blog0sphere.

Well...that's it for now. If these friggin' motorized birds would stop flying over head and waking me up, I might be able to manage a cat nap before dinnertime!

Friday, January 9, 2009

What's in a name?

Veterinary Pet Insurance compiled a list of the most popular names for dogs and cats in 2008 from its database of 466,000 pets and found the most unusual names while they were at it.

"People" names were the most popular, with Max coming in first for both cats and dogs and Bella, Lucy, and Chloe making both top 10 lists. But some people clearly prefer more creativity in their pet names, judging from the unusual names Edward Scissorpaws, Sir Lix-a-lot, Snoop Kitty Kitty, and Admiral Toot.

For Cats, the top 10 most popular names were:

1. Max
2. Chloe
3. Tigger
4. Tiger
5. Lucy
6. Smokey
7. Oliver
8. Bella
9. Shadow
10. Charlie

On the other paw, the 10 most uncommon were:

1. Edward Scissorpaws
2. Sir Lix-a-lot
3. Optimus Prrrime
4. Buddah Pest
5. Snoop Kitty Kitty
6. Miss Fuzzbutt
7. 80 Bucks
8. Sparklemonkey
9. Rosie Posie Prozac
10. Toot Uncommon

I wounder if that is "our" Buddah Pest? I do like Edward Scissorpaws though.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Same thing, different day

Tuesday night, we had band practice. Then I went out to the Playcats Club so I was out all night. So this is what I did all day Wednesday:

Nappin' Tabby

Last night, we had band practice. Then I went out to the Playcats Club, so I was out all night. So this is what I'm doing all day today:

Nappin' Tabby

I think I'm in a rut.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tabby TV on Tuesday

The Superbowl is just around the corner, and while I'd just become a Mancat when this video was first released, it remains one of my all time favorites:

Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Get those tabbies rollin'
rollin', rollin', rollin'

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mancat Monday

Sir Tristan takes over the bookcase

In order to achieve happiness, a Mancat needs to step up and take his rightful place in life.

Sir Tristan takes over the bookcase

And so friends after a long campaign, I have taken over my rightful place on top of the bookcase full of sports memorabilia, which of course I will guard with great care.

Sir Tristan takes over the bookcase

Especially the Tampa Bay Rays memorabilia.

Sir Tristan takes over the bookcase

As I dream of a successful 2009 campaign!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Round up with Sir Tristan

Round 'em up!

Well friends, it's time for our first round up of 2009. My how the time does fly.

We started out last Sunday with a round up of a different kind, as I hosted my first Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos. No fear, it will not be my last! However, in the more immediate future, I'll be hosting more Weekend Cat Blogging, with my next one scheduled for Jan 31st-February 1st, so be sure to join me for that.

Next I showed you what a bad Mancat I've continued to be on Mancat Monday. Yes ladies, I'm b-a-a-a-a-a-d to the bone!

On Tuesday we watched one of the top Videos of 2008 on Tabby TV. It's a good one too, so be sure to check it out if you've not done so already.

On New Year's Eve I showed you the correct way to do a face plant into a pile of Zoom around the Room(tm) Catnip. It is definitely a Wacky Weed Wednesday when I've got my paws on that stuff! It's like kitty crack, believe you, me.

You'll be pleased to know I staying in the house for New Years night - all those fireworks make me nervous. But me and my buds made up for it on Thursday as we took off to enjoy the lovely lady-cats a the Playcats' Club. I stayed out all day and all night too, and so I missed my Thursday post. Bad boy? Didn't I just tell you've b-a-a-a-a-a-d to the bone?

I mean, if I wasn't, why else would the Massage Therapist call me "The Tabby of Terror"?

Friday we looked as the Top 10 New Years Resolutions for felines and determined that I don't need to resolve any of them. In fact, I think I'll resolve to have even MORE fun in 2009!

Yesterday I looked at some Questions that Puzzle Cats. Maybe you have some questions you'd like to know the answer to as well? Stop by and leave a comment so I can keep the list going.

I of the more puzzling questions is "Why do you do these round ups if we read your blog regularly?" Well, it's because I cross post this to the Demon Cat's Xanga site, and not everyone there does read my blog regularly. Besides, I send it back to the Davis' who used to take care of me, so that they know I'm doing alright. Yes, I may be a fleabag, but I'm a conscientious and caring fleabag.

So all I can say is, I'm looking forward to more fun, right here at Tabbylicious! Be sure to stop by as we continue to ring a New Tabbylious Year!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Questions that Puzzle Cats

Why do humans try to hide my carrier when its time to go to the vets, we know what they are doing duh!-,and where we are going.

Why do these people keep talking to me? They know I can't answer them.

What is it with the showers and baths? Why can't they just lick themselves clean?

Why do people feel the need to change their fur every day (and sometimes more often than once a day)?

Come to that, why the removable fur? Can't they just grow a half- decent pelt?

Why do humans insist on using my nice big porcelain water bowl for their unspeakable bad habits?

For indoor cats: Why do people go in and out of the big screen TV (the outdoors), and why can't I?

For outdoor cats: Why are those cats imprisoned (indoors) and what do they do for fun in there?

Why do some cans contain cat food or tuna, and others contain green beans. (And can I try some of those green beans?)

How come when I try to show how much I love being stroked and hugged they don't like my butt in their face?

Why can't I have that tuna sandwich, you know it's my favorite!

When I come to the glass patio door, with a bird in my mouth, why can't he hear me or see me, to let me in the house, so that I can eat in safety and comfort?

"What is the deal with closed doors / cupboards?"

How come you don't like the dead mouse I bring to your feet?

"Why do humans sleep at night? This is the best time to be awake!

How come you can have babies and I can't?

Why can't I sit on the counter - you do?

Why do you keep putting my food in a dish because I then have to dump the dish to get it on the floor where I want it?

Do they truly not understand that this is my house?

And why did the Creator give them opposable thumbs, but not us?

Why do humans have to rub our tummies?

How about you? Got any questions that have been puzzling you lately?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 10 New Years Resolutions

We get this newsletter for cats, and they listed the top 10 resolutions for 2009. It was kind of interesting:

Resolution #1: I promise to trim down a little.

The Demon Cat could use some trimming down. I've gained a little weight since I came to live here, but I was underweight at the time, so now up to where I should be. I don't need to lose any.

Resolution #2: I'll be friendlier to strangers.

I'm really very friendly. Don't need any work on that end either.

Resolution #3: I'll be cuddlier to family members.

I would be, but the demon cat gets mad if I spend too much time with the massage therapist. And she's not really happy with me after I knocked everything off her nightstand yesterday anyway.

Resolution #4: I'll be nicer to the birds and fish in household.

We don't have any of these, so no problem keeping this resolution!

Resolution #5: I won't be as finicky about my food.

Trust me, I'm not finicky about food. At all!

Resolution #6: I'll lay off the furniture and stick to my scratching post.

Now that I'm allowed out, I use one of the wooden posts outside. It's better than the furniture.

Resolution #7: I'll stop hiding stuff behind the couch.

I don't do this. Anything hidden behind the couch is there because the demon cat put it there.

Resolution #8: I'll let everyone else sleep later.

Don't look at me. I cat around all night, so I'm more than happy to sleep in.

Resolution #9: I'll stay off the counters, at least when company is around.

I only get on the counters if there is food around. My problem is going on the bookshelves and other places I'm not supposed to go and knocking things off. The massage therapist doesn't like it, but the Demon Cat doesn't like me being on the ground level, so I have to go up. I've got no choice in the matter if I want to preserve peace in the house.

Resolution #10: I'll be more tolerant of those homemade bandannas.

Uh no.

What do you think. Do any of these apply to you?