Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bewitching Thursday


So, the Demon Cat from Hell tells me that only black cats can be witch's cats. But the Massage Therapist says otherwise.

"The familiar in 'Bell, Book and Candle' was a Meezer," she points out.

"I might have Meezer blood in me," I meowl. "I kind of look like that Yoa-Lin guy, except with stripes."

"Well...I don't know about that."

("But you do stink like Baby Mao," the Demon Cat from Hell interjects.)

"But any kind of cat can be a witch cat," says the Massage Therapist.

"Good." I meowl. "What do I have to do to become a witch cat?"

"Well, you'd have to be able to ride on a broomstick, because that's how witches get around."

"Hey, no problem there," I say. "I'm very athletic."


("Yup, you're a dumb jock alright," the Demon Cat from Hell hisses.)

"You'd also have to be able to help her get components for her spells."

"Like what?" I wonder.

"Oh, like eye of newt and toe of frog."

"What's a newt?"

"A lizard, sort of."

"Oh, no problem there. I can catch lizards! And there's plenty of frogs about!"

("Yeah, you do a great job catching sticks too," the Demon Cat from Hell sniggers.)

"What else?" I ask. I think I can ace this course.

"You'd have to be able to stare at the cauldron while she's mixing her spells."

"Hey, no problem there! I'm REALLY good at the staring game."

{The Demon Cat from Hell roles her eyes. She thinks it's a kitten's game.)

"And you'd have to be able to meow very loudly at just the right time when she's mixing the spell."

"How would I know the right time?" I wonder.

"You'd know. It's when she raises her voice very loud."

"All Right! I can sure do that!"

("Boy, can he EVER," the Demon Cat from Hell says while covering her ears.)

So there you have it! I'm now a Certified Witches Cat!



Witches on Parade!




Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blood Sucking Wednesday


This is not a doodle.

Miss Diamond

It is a picture of the Demon Cat from Hell that I live with that was done by the Zoolatry Human. I think it shows off perfectly what an evil blood sucking creature she is.

This is a doodle.


It is a self portrait of Vincent Price, an actor, who may or may not have played a vampire at some time during his career. The Massage Therapist assures me however, that he did host and narrate a show on Dracula, the most renown of all vampires, so I guess that counts. (That is a pun.)

This is also a doodle.


The Massage Therapist doodled this using a mouse in PS 5.0. Vampires turn into bats and can fly. I saw this on the TV.

This is not a doodle.


It is a scrapbook layout the Massage Therapist put together using a cute little Vampire Bat Bear created by someone named Mags. She says it is too cute to spook.

That is is for my vampire extravaganza!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haunted Tuesday


Today's theme is Ghost. I ghosted out the front door this morning as soon as I was allowed out in an effort to get away from the Demon Cat from Hell.

She's enough to drive any Tabby to Drink.

This doodle is the ghost of Devil Rays Logos past:


The Massage Therapist thought it interesting that the first year they drop the word "Devil" from their name they go to the world series. But she credited it more on them acquiring "Fresno" (Matt Garza) from the Twins, among other things.

This is not a doodle:


But it is a ghost.

These ghosts are too cute to spook:

Dog,Halloween Costumes

You enjoy all your hauntings today, okay?

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Doodlin' Mancat Monday

It was not a really good day yesterday AT ALL. From the time my Massage Therapist got up until until the time all the lights went out for the night, the Demon Cat From Hell kept picking on me.

She was acting badly, and so..all I wanted to do was escape. I stayed out as much as I could, but even then she'd run me out of the yard and when I tried to come inside for dinner, she wouldn't let me in the house.

When the Massage Therapist finally made her let me in so I could eat, she was all over my case.

So...okay...I was acting badly, Meowling and trying to get out the door but...can you blame me?

In the end we were both named Bad Cats and I got put in isolation so I would shut up.

And we both got rained on...a lot, and the Demon Cat even got spanked. And no one got any treats.

And on top of all of that my Rays lost to Philly again.

All I can say for Mancat Monday then is a Mancat has to persevere, even when he is clearly the undercat in a situation and a wrongly label victim.

Hopefully today will be better.



Now for today's doodle. The theme today is "Monster".


In this doodle, a stalwart Tabby Cat chases the hated Philly Phanatic monster around Citizen's Bank Park.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doodling like Sunday Morning

I am helping the massage therapist with her correspondence.

tabby cat

Okay. That's a lie.

I was actually trying to stuff all of my tabby goodness into the little pink shoebox she keeps her mail in.

Needless to say, there is 3 times more tabby goodness then there was pink shoebox, even if the shoebox had been empty.

So I just settled for laying on the mail after it all fell out.

(PeeEss: The Massage Therapist brought me home a box that I can fit in. But the Demon Cat immediately took it over. That's hardly fair, is it?)



Anyway, I understand there is a Doodle Synchroblogging under way.

Today's theme is Pumpkin or Jack O' Lantern. So here is a Jack O' Lantern my massage therapist doodled for me in Photo Shop 5.0.


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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Finally Free Friday!

tabby cat,Howl-N-Scream

Hellooooo, kool kats and kittens...

Here I am lounging in the library at Castle Diamond. You'll be pleased to know I finally got off restriction and got to go outside. And I did not go walkabout. I came in an hour later for dinner.'s a start.

The Demon Cat goes out all the time, I don't see why I can't.

What I was gonna say tho is I like books. I like the sound the paper makes when you tear you claws through it, and I like cleaning my teeth by chewing on the covers. Yup! Books are great things, no doubt about it!

Now, you might know that the Demon Cat has been posting Howl-N-Scream graphics for her fellow Demon Cat friends on that House Panthers group. You know, I might do the same on Attack of the Tabbies, but no one seems to be running that club. Then again, I can't get accepted into the MCats Club, so they'll never take me in at Attack Tabbies. I mean, I didn't think I smelled THAT badly!

But, I figured you, my tabby friends my want some decorations for your blogs, so I got my massage therapist to make up a couple for me:

This one features a little Tabby Witch and points out that Howl-N-Scream is just "TABBYRIFIC!"

Halloween,tabby cat,tiger

But of course, we all know that Tabbies rule all of the time, so I got her change the name of he Holiday. It's now "TABBYWEEN!"


tabby cat,Halloween

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music...

Anyway, did I mention you should feel free to snag them for your blog if you wish? Consider it a little Tabbyween treat early!


Butterfly Award

Ginger, my fellow tabby, from the Cory Cat Blog has given me this great Butterfly Award.

I can pass this award on to up to 10 other cats, so I choose:

The very beautiful T'Abby Normal who loves butterfies;

The equally lovely Perfectly Parker;

Kellie the Orange Cat who gave me my first ever award;

My Mancat bud Mr. Hendrix, who really enjoyed our night out at the Playcats Club;

Vampy Victor who'll have to come out to the club with us one night, (I hear they have "Christmas Kittens");

Gandolf and Grayson, two really cool cats;

and Tesla the Kitty who just got a new brofur.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gone Fishin'

tabby cat,fishing

Every mancat should have a hobby don't you think? Here at Tristan's Bait Shop, our motto is "You catch, I'll eat 'em". That you don't have to worry about who's gonna clean 'em when you get 'em home!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wacky Weed Wednesday

tabby cat

"Just hand over the catnip son, no one needs to get hurt!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tabby Tricks Toosday

Oooo Fev-ver!

Ooooo! Fev-vers!

Cat toy

I love tearing up fev-vers! I am the master of fev-ver disaster!

(My massage therapist said something about these fev-ver balls having seen better days?)

Cat toy

And I'm not too shabby when it comes to boxes either!

We got something new to eat last night. It's called Party Mix and DUDE, it is SOOOOOO good.

We only got a little bit at a time though. I could have inhaled the whole bag. NOM!

The demon cat argued that I should not get any because I would not "model" whatever that means. Believe me...I modeled lots. Just wait until my dear sweet Abby sees all the pictures of my handsome self! Hah! I'm an actual GQ mancat!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mancat Monday

It is a Mancat's duty to take care of problems around the house as he notices them.

My current project is helping my massage therapist get herself organized. I take this duty very seriously.

You might, for example, remember our coffee table looking like this once upon a time:

Demon Cat & Coffee Table

Well, now, it looks, like this:

tabby cat

How, you might ask, did I accomplish this amazing feat? Believe me, it took a lot of perseverance.

I started by pushing everything off the coffee table.

Household Mess

Eventually, she came to realize that if she put it back on the coffee table, I was just going to shove it on the floor again. So she HAD to put it away, instead.

Pretty clever huh?

I mean, I know the Demon Cat meows at her to clean up the place all of the time, but you never see her taking any positive action.

I, being the diligent Mancat that I am, do.

My next household project:

tabby cat

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Along came a....

Big fat furry puple spider.

Cat toy

And I know how bugs creep my massage therapist out.

Cat toy

So I took care of it for her.

Cat toy

So she gave me a treat. FELINE GREENIES!!!!!


Friday, October 17, 2008


tabby cat,Cowboy

Dudes, gotta tell you, it's been tough around here. The girls that been ganging up and I've been sort of ignored while the Demon Cat had the place turned into a movie studio.

Even though I developed a new special power, I was ignored.

What's my special power? It's the special power of rain. Every time I start meowing, it rains. In the house. On me.

Can you just image how useful that's gonna be the next time there's a drought?

I even tried to get into the movie thing. I wanted to do a remake of the Elvis classic "Blue Hawaii". They said "No."


Something about it being even too horrible to contemplate.

I mean, I'd be surrounded by hot, spicy, vixens in the film. What's so horrible about that?

So anyway, I've just been Horsin' Around on the Hacienda and laying down plans for a Rockin' New Years party, which you'll hear about as soon as I get them finalized and all.

All I know is if I don't start getting some attention soon, I'm going to throw a Tabby tantrum. And believe me, you wouldn't want to see that!

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tabby Tricks Tuesday

Fantasy,tabby cat

Im learning to fly around the clouds
But what goes up must come down

I was going to have another installment of Tristan TV for you, but the video turned out really, really dark. So...we shall try it again, soon...

I conducted gravity free experiments around the coffee table last night. After knocking every single solitary thing off the coffee table, I am pleased to report that there are NO gravity free zones ANYWHERE around the coffee table. I now plan on conducts similar experiments in the bedroom.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mancat Monday

A man cat appreciates the ladies, and I have to say that I REALLY appreciate this picture of T'Abby Normal going full monty for the Autumn season:

Autumn,tabby cat

In fact, she has my vote for Miss Autumn, how about yours?

I like this one so much I might just have to order me a poster sized print of it. Oh Yeah!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fashionable Friday

tabby cat,Mancat

Look out spicy vixens! The man cat of your dreams has just arrived at his club!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Playcat Club

tabby cat

Oh are not gonna believe this. I almost HAD it. The MOTHERLOAD of all Catnip stashes. A one pound bag of PRIMO catnip.

I'd been trying to get at it for DAYS now, but the massage therapist had all the access routes booby trapped. Or so she though. But you know, I'm a really smart fellow and I saw a way around the puzzle.

I nearly had it, I'd even gotten the lid off the box and was starting to sniff it and...CAUGHT. RED PAWED.

I cannot believe it.

So now she's stashed it in a drawer that I can't get open. I mean, I know how to open drawers, but this one is tough.

Cannot believe....

Nor have I been able to convince her, despite all my yowling, that I should taken off restriction. If it wasn't for the good grub, I'd be really depressed.

However, one the guys from across the street came over and loaned me an issue of Playpet Magazine. Have you seen this one? It's really rockin'! It's got a fold out poster of of this vixen - full monty. Great stuff!


He also got me a VIP membership in the Playboy's club around the corner. Not that I can go and check out all the hot, spicy vixens there, because...well...I'm still on restriction. But I'm working on it.

Cool dude, lives right across the street with a harem of females. Runs a fishin' business. Pretty nice set up, I gotta say.

Of course, the Demon Cat does not approve of any of this. Keeps giving me the evil eye.

Well, maybe things will look better tomorrow. I did get to rip up some fev-vers today. That was pretty decent.

Until then...bros, hang tough!