Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tabby Tris-mas Tuesday

Okay kittens! It's time for another great song from my upcoming Album "Sir Tristan's All Time Greatest Tris-mas Hits!" It's called Tabby Cat Rock and you're just going to LOVE it!

Winter,Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Sir Tristan

Tabby Cat, Tabby Cat, Tabby Cat rock
Tabby Cats swing as jingle bells ring
Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun
Now the Tabby hop has begun.

Tabby Cat, Tabby Cat, Tabby Cat rock
Tabby Cat rhyme in Tabby Cat time,
Dancin' and prancin' in Tabby Cat Square
In the frost air.

What a bright time,
It's the right time,
To rock the night away!
Tabby Cat time, it's a swell time,
To go ridin' in a one-horse sleigh.
Giddy-up, Tabby Horse, pick up your feet,
Jingle around the clock,
Mix and a-mingle to the Tabby Cat beat,
That's the Tabby Cat ...
That's the Tabby Cat ...
That's the Tabby Cat Rock!


Evie/VampyVictor said...

Ohh Tris I love it!! And Momma says that this is the only way she is going to sing it from now on!!
(heheh I think it's also going to get stuck in her head!)
We will be thinking about you all day now buddie and your red beanie :))


Cafe Cats said...

YaY Tristan! We love the Tabby Bell Rock!


Eric and Flynn said...

Another great song. We enjoyed singing it along with your words.

T'Abby Normal said...

Dearest Tristan,
That was the best carol I have ever heard! Ok, well I may be a little bit partial because I am also Tabby, but what's not to like??

By they way, I have tagged you for the 6th photo meme and an award -- check out my blog for details!

Abby Normal

Misty Whispurrs said...

Mama is singing this to me!!! She says all kitties are tabbies underneath ...! I'm a silver patched tabby and white!! Love the song.
Misty ...