Sunday, December 14, 2008

Night of the Wild Hogs


Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Sir Tristan

I has it!

I am using the carpet to blend in with my coat pattern in the hopes that I will be mistaken for carpeting.

"Why?" you might ask. Well, it's not because the Demon Cat is after me again. She's ALWAYS after me. I'm kind of used to that.

No, it's because the Wild Hogs are out hunting again tonight, roaring up and down the streets, and frankly, they scare me.

Once a month they all come out to romp in downtown Cape Coral, growling and grunting and making just the most awful noises.

One actually live next door to me. I believe the Massage Therapist called it "Harley Davidson". I guess that is it's name, but then I have also heard her call other wild hogs the same thing. So maybe it's a breed, kind of like Tabby Cat is a breed.

Maybe you have some of these wild hogs in your neighborhood as well? This is what they look like:

Harley Davidson

Some of course are more fancier than others. But that's pretty much the basic look. Pretty odd looking creatures aren't they?

In any case, all that noise is frightening, even to a brave mancat like myself, and so I think I'm better off staying inside the pretending I'm a part of the carpeting.

I mean, who knows what they might eat?


Evie/VampyVictor said...

I thinks you haves the right idea Tris! I would be very frightened too! They are very loud creatures!
They must be deaf of angry to roar like that all the time ;)
I think you blend in lovely!!

PES: Mushka and I are Both Burmese, you can get all sorts of different colours, black, red (oh they are so puuretty) and may more..
I am a "Lilac" And Mushka is a chocolate :)

Eric and Flynn said...

You are very well camouflaged Tristan. We don't have any of those wild hogs around here, but they do sound frightening. Stay safe.

Kimo & Sabi said...

We do not like them hogs! But our blurpy sisser LOVES them and squeels when she sees them on her stroll!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Alas Tristan, we live in da place where dem things is born! We haf one living behind us, it stays in da garage for about 8 months and only comes out on nice days. Every time it starts growling mom sez "ever heard of a muffler dumass".

Christine and FAZ said...

I've heard hogs make good eating but that hog doesn't really look very appetising to me though. FAZ

The Island Cats said...

We don't think those hogs will see you there....

T'Abby Normal said...

Dearest Tristan,
At first I thought that your secretary had posted a picture of just a pretty rug, but then I glanced again and saw it was you! No wonder it's so gorgeous.

Abby Normal