Monday, December 8, 2008

Mancat Monday

Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Sir Tristan

Here I am sitting with Gary, our scary Gargoyle.

Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Sir Tristan

I have my laser eyes all loaded and ready for firing!

Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Sir Tristan

Now, who do you think does a better job of protecting the house? Gary the scary Gargoyle or me, Sir Tristan the laser eyed mancat?

Remember...I am a...

Halloween,Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Sir Tristan,Witch
Certified Witch's Cat

(And that is one babe-a-licious witch I got there too!)


Eric and Flynn said...

mum says the gargoyle would give her nightmares, but we told her that the full laser eyes treatment is much scarier.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Well duh, you're a way better protector than Gary. Check out those laser eyes!

Mommy and daddy went to the zoo over the weekend and they saw the famous Tommy T in person! There will be pictures tomorrow

Cafe Cats said...

You and Gary both look like furry good protectors!

The Island Cats said...

Gary is purrty scary...but those laser eyes of yours Tristan, are the scariest!

Gandalf and Grayson said...

Gary the Gargoyle is kinda kyoot! Whereas you look like a brave and Might Mancat!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love that series of pictures with the gargoyle! Great laser eyes!



Camille said...

I hope you received the photo of my jumping cat! I'm sure he would like to meet your lovely Gary!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hmm, Gary looks a little stiff...we think yoor scarier.

Evie/VampyVictor said...

hahah We loves your Gargoyle!!
Our is facing the front door, but yours look MUCH neater, with his buddah like bits!

On Protecting the house.. you wins hands down Tris!! Even discounting the certification! hehe

PES: she is bae-a-licious with extra licious! :)) But I is not sure you is allowed to have "office romances" :( hehe