Friday, December 26, 2008

100% Naughty - Santa Certified

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Well, friends, I guess it's time that I acted like a Mancat and fessed up and you knew the truth.

I was a VERY


little boy for Trismas.

First, I went where I wasn't supposed to go, trying to get at the feather toys that we're only allowed to play with under supervision.

Then I found an unattended bag of Zoom Around the Room(tm) catnip and ripped it opened and dumped it all of the floor. Then I face planted myself it in and got too nipped out to do my special Trismas concert.

Then, I got my butt beat for being such a bad boy and THEN I went back up where I wasn't supposed to go again (and knocked everything down on the floor including the massage therapists spare candles) and to make matters worse,

I did it right in front of the massage therapist after she told me not to do it.

Then I decided I was going to sleep in her bed and she was going to sleep on the couch and in the end...

I ended up sleeping in the corner in the kitchen with the Demon Cat standing guard over me.

And I got nothing but lumps of coal for Trismas and those aren't even fun to bat around.

Oh yeah, and I went outside and killed a lizard too, which I wasn't supposed to do on a day set aside for peace, love and understanding.

All I can say is though, if you've never face planted yourself in a mound of Zoom around the Room(tm) catnip, you should try it sometime.

That stuff is great!

(PeeEss: I suppose this is appropriate as I am hosting Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos. As it's New Years, be sure to submit your post AND tell us your New Years Resolution. Mine is to find some more of that Zoom Around the Room(tm) catnip and face plant myself in it again.)


The Island Cats said...

Yep...the nip made you do it! We hope you can be forgiven...

mog said...

You be a bad kitty cat for sure. Loved hearing about your adventures thou. Must get some of that catnip for my kitties and see if it works as well on them.

Eric and Flynn said...

It wasn't your fault. Nip makes us do things we shouldn't. We try not to do it, but it just happens.Did you see the video of me dunking my head in the nip the other day?
I've never seen Zoom around the room before.I will have to tell mum to keep a look out for it.

Sweet Praline said...

I hope you at least had a bunch of fun!

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh Tristan blame it on the nip for sure!! We know you are a good kitty!!
We are working on our Bad Kitty Cat Post right now!! Merry Belated Christmas, too!
Your FL furiends,

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

It wasn't yoo it was dat NIP! Nothing yoo did was bad until yoo face planted in da nip...we want to face plant in some nip now...

Parker said...

It was not your fault. Nip makes us do bad things!

Daisy said...

You are not responsible for your actions when under the influence of the 'nip. That's the law.

Evie/VampyVictor said...

Hahhah Tris all I can say is "WAY TO GO BRO!" hahahha My Momma is shaking her head saying naughty boy and siding with your Momma though.. hehe


Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh my, we hope we are not too late!! Here is our post for this BKCFOC!! We have our New Year's Resolutions ready for 2009!
Your FL furiends,