Friday, October 3, 2008

Wha'd I do Friday?

tabby cat

So, the massage therapist is holding the door for the demon cat, and I try to go out too. "Oh no you don't," she says as I get clobbered in my head for my effort. "You're on restriction."


For What?

For how long?

She says something about at least a month. Maybe forever.

A MONTH???? That is like forever. That's like the rest of my lifetime!

What the heck did I do????

tabby cat

I did get another prezzie however. Do you see it on my handsome blue collar? It's a purple heart! It's because I was valorous, and got wounded! I bet I could be even braver and more valorous and collect more metals if she'd just let me out again!

Some one asked about the kitten. It's not a kitten, really, although it looks like one. It's a snoozie. It doesn't move, just sleep, all the time.

tabby cat

Doesn't have a thought in it's little floofy head.

Although I suppose if I ever got together with Kellie the Orange Cat, we might have kittens that look like that.

Except that I can't make kittens anymore. I gox "fixed". Not that I was broken, mind you. Kellie probably can't make kittens either. And she's got a mancat friend. And she's in British Columbia, where ever that is. (But she is a really pretty lady cat, you know what I mean?)

So....never mind.

Anyway, if there are any unattached lady cats out there that need a handsome stud of mancat to keep them warm, just let me know, okay?

I promise I won't be running all over the place, being a Casanova and staying out until all hours of the night.

I can't anyway. I'm on restriction.



Parker said...

Tristan, I think restriction might be a good thing! You don't want any more Boo Boos do you?

The Meezers said...

restriction stinks.

Eric and Flynn said...

Not the dreaded restriction!! We got restricted when we were 2 years old because we kept wandering off to the next farm where all the sheepdogs live, and we've got a dawg who lives next to us who would eat us if we went on his land.We're allowed in the garden whenever we like because it has a purrizen fence around it, but we can only go in the fields if mum takes us. (which is every day)

Evie/VampyVictor said...

Hey Tristan! Nice to meet you!!
Thanks for the warning but even Evil needs lovin' wink wink :P hehe
Anyways Evil is ones perception of the word is it not?
Your Evil might be my "fun type of girl" hehe
ANYWAY.... I knows a beautiful girl that is looking for Mr right, you must only get to know herz if your intentions are good, she is a sweetheart and needs no heart breaker.
Shes my sweetheart princess, however I iz a Casanova :( And can not gives her the one on one loves she needs.
Maybe you two might hit it off? :)
Her Name is Miss Elsie and she is very pretty inside and out :)

Be berry nice!! Or I shall make you rat food rather than the rat kitteh food! hahaha
Nah not really, but be nice coz she mean a lot to mez:)


whatloknows said...

ah man! sorry bout getn clunked in the head by the door. we dont attempt to get out much cause we be indoor now for so long but everyonce in awhile we try.

hang in there.


T'Abby Normal said...

We missed you when you were gone.

Abby & Stygia