Thursday, October 9, 2008

Playcat Club

tabby cat

Oh are not gonna believe this. I almost HAD it. The MOTHERLOAD of all Catnip stashes. A one pound bag of PRIMO catnip.

I'd been trying to get at it for DAYS now, but the massage therapist had all the access routes booby trapped. Or so she though. But you know, I'm a really smart fellow and I saw a way around the puzzle.

I nearly had it, I'd even gotten the lid off the box and was starting to sniff it and...CAUGHT. RED PAWED.

I cannot believe it.

So now she's stashed it in a drawer that I can't get open. I mean, I know how to open drawers, but this one is tough.

Cannot believe....

Nor have I been able to convince her, despite all my yowling, that I should taken off restriction. If it wasn't for the good grub, I'd be really depressed.

However, one the guys from across the street came over and loaned me an issue of Playpet Magazine. Have you seen this one? It's really rockin'! It's got a fold out poster of of this vixen - full monty. Great stuff!


He also got me a VIP membership in the Playboy's club around the corner. Not that I can go and check out all the hot, spicy vixens there, because...well...I'm still on restriction. But I'm working on it.

Cool dude, lives right across the street with a harem of females. Runs a fishin' business. Pretty nice set up, I gotta say.

Of course, the Demon Cat does not approve of any of this. Keeps giving me the evil eye.

Well, maybe things will look better tomorrow. I did get to rip up some fev-vers today. That was pretty decent.

Until then...bros, hang tough!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh wow! great cover cat on that Play Pet. your neighbor kitty wouldn't happen to be Chase or Tripper would it?

I am so bummed you didn't get that nip. Did you even get a little? Just a little? Bummer dude.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What?! I never modeled for such a magazine! What will the press do?! What about my campaign! Talk about an October Surprise!

I will get you whoever leaked that photo!!!!


The Crew said...

Oh my Bast! Say Tristan, next time you head over to that club, give us a call first, OK?

George & Max

Mickey said...

Life on restriction cannot be fun :/
Good thing you have a good neighbour cat to give you reading material ;)
Too bad about the nip!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Evie/VampyVictor said...

IT sounds like your neighbor is not getting any kitteh loving!
Though that is a pretty hot cover, ifs I seen it I would prolly buy it :)