Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blood Sucking Wednesday


This is not a doodle.

Miss Diamond

It is a picture of the Demon Cat from Hell that I live with that was done by the Zoolatry Human. I think it shows off perfectly what an evil blood sucking creature she is.

This is a doodle.


It is a self portrait of Vincent Price, an actor, who may or may not have played a vampire at some time during his career. The Massage Therapist assures me however, that he did host and narrate a show on Dracula, the most renown of all vampires, so I guess that counts. (That is a pun.)

This is also a doodle.


The Massage Therapist doodled this using a mouse in PS 5.0. Vampires turn into bats and can fly. I saw this on the TV.

This is not a doodle.


It is a scrapbook layout the Massage Therapist put together using a cute little Vampire Bat Bear created by someone named Mags. She says it is too cute to spook.

That is is for my vampire extravaganza!

If you're a doodlin' fool, leave your link below.


T'Abby Normal said...

My mom said something like "loves the way Vincent Price laughs." What does she mean?

We all love this very fangtastic feature of yours, today. Maybe especially that vampbear. We'd like to tackle and bunnykick it!

Abby & Stygia

Gandalf and Grayson said...

We love Zoolatry's graphic... even if you do not care for the subject!

Parker said...

Wow - Zoolatry really captured Diamonds "Halloween-ness!"

Mickey said...

Diamond looks good in her picture ;) Be careful Tris,she might suck you dry,heehee
Mom used to watch Vincent Price movies (she must be old,heehee)
I like your doodle!!
Purrs Mickey

Daisy said...

I like seeing Diamonds teeths.

Evie/VampyVictor said...

Awww Tris will you hate me is I says she looks secksah?!
hehe Momma says she remembers Vincent Price , he had the best voice for putting on the spooky!
Vampy Bear is so very cute! hey anything that gets you want you want mmwwaaahhahah


Mo said...

Vincent Price was great!
And so are your doodles!
Not The Mama and The Purries from Purrchance To Dream

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Mom sez dat Vincent Price was scary until she found out other stuff about him asides his movies. We don't think yoor roommate is truly evil, she just needs to get to know yoo better den maybe she will alax and not be so crabby.

Mags said...

Thanks for showing off my "Beary Scary" Bat! The actual credits should be for "MagsGraphics" (I'm the "Mags). The bat is part of a series of Halloween Bears - being re-designed and upgraded right now. They'll be re-loaded into my stores within the week!
:) Mags /

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