Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bewitching Thursday


So, the Demon Cat from Hell tells me that only black cats can be witch's cats. But the Massage Therapist says otherwise.

"The familiar in 'Bell, Book and Candle' was a Meezer," she points out.

"I might have Meezer blood in me," I meowl. "I kind of look like that Yoa-Lin guy, except with stripes."

"Well...I don't know about that."

("But you do stink like Baby Mao," the Demon Cat from Hell interjects.)

"But any kind of cat can be a witch cat," says the Massage Therapist.

"Good." I meowl. "What do I have to do to become a witch cat?"

"Well, you'd have to be able to ride on a broomstick, because that's how witches get around."

"Hey, no problem there," I say. "I'm very athletic."


("Yup, you're a dumb jock alright," the Demon Cat from Hell hisses.)

"You'd also have to be able to help her get components for her spells."

"Like what?" I wonder.

"Oh, like eye of newt and toe of frog."

"What's a newt?"

"A lizard, sort of."

"Oh, no problem there. I can catch lizards! And there's plenty of frogs about!"

("Yeah, you do a great job catching sticks too," the Demon Cat from Hell sniggers.)

"What else?" I ask. I think I can ace this course.

"You'd have to be able to stare at the cauldron while she's mixing her spells."

"Hey, no problem there! I'm REALLY good at the staring game."

{The Demon Cat from Hell roles her eyes. She thinks it's a kitten's game.)

"And you'd have to be able to meow very loudly at just the right time when she's mixing the spell."

"How would I know the right time?" I wonder.

"You'd know. It's when she raises her voice very loud."

"All Right! I can sure do that!"

("Boy, can he EVER," the Demon Cat from Hell says while covering her ears.)

So there you have it! I'm now a Certified Witches Cat!



Witches on Parade!





Evie/VampyVictor said...

Woohoooo way to go Tris, but be carefuls coz any witch that needs stuffs to make spells with is just a smart girl that knows how to read ;)

And ifs they back fire OH BOY! hehe

But I think you make an awesome familiar..coz you iz brave enough to protect like you iz supposed to :)


Mickey said...

Tristan,you make a wonderful witches cat!!!!!!!!! You really look good in that hat too :)
Purrs Mickey

Tybalt said...

Great job Tristan! You can hang out with my sister Holly. She says that's her job, too . . . and she's all about the broom rides!

T'Abby Normal said...

The Demon Cat still has things to learn! Well, you are a Tabby Cat and as far as I am concerned, Tabbies can do anything!

Abby Normal

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, we all think yoo'd make a great familiar. Just be careful cuz some witches is mean...